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Yes, it’s the season for soup and at Creation we’re delighted to bring you three tried and tested recipes that certainly uphold the ‘super power’ of soup!

The recipes were kindly contributed by three members of the Creation Culinary Team, chef Francois Hugo, chef Juline Daniels and no other than pairing guru Carolyn Martin. They reflect the finest of the Netherlands, South Africa and Switzerland respectively and each has its own little story to warm the cockles of your heart!

Asparagus Soup with Orange, Quinoa and Origanum

When Creation chef Francois Hugo recently visited Holland one of his culinary highlights was the famous White Asparagus Soup. “Back home I decided to create my own recipe which I based on ideas seen at Restaurant Perceel where I did an internship,” tells Francois. The result is a beautiful, pure, fresh and creamy soup with the earthiness of the green asparagus superbly matched by the herbaceous character of the origanum and intriguingly contrasted by the citrus of the orange. The deep-fried quinoa contributes texture and the soup is a perfect pairing for the Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon. “The concept for this soup has travelled a long way and now it is being enjoyed right here, by our guests in the Creation Tasting Room. It is simple, but made with love, passion and a dash of Dutch influence,” says Francois.  Click here for the recipe.

Samp and Bean Soup with Mini Vetkoek

This traditional meal holds lovely memories for Creation chef Juline Daniels. “The gorgeous aromas remind me of cosy winter days in my mom’s kitchen because when I was growing up she often made us her Samp and Bean Soup, especially on those ‘mot douerige’ days.”  The soup was always accompanied by piping hot, freshly baked ‘Vetkoek’ and during school holidays Juline enthusiastically joined in the cooking. “It was here that my love for cooking started and I am so pleased to now share my version of the soup and vetkoek with our guests in the Creation Tasting Room.” Serve this delightfully unpretentious treat with the Creation Syrah to enhance the earthiness of the samp and beans. The warm spiciness of the wine lifts the hearty taste of the soup while the beans are beautifully complemented by the fruit flavours in the wine. It is also interesting to note how the fresh minerality in the wine balances the richness of the vetkoek.  Click here for the recipe.

Parsley Chowder featuring Haddock, Potatoes and Cream

Rich and filling yet with the crispness of fresh parsley, this chowder conjures up Creation co-owner Carolyn Martin’s harvesting days in the Winelands of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. “There the harvest was short and intense by comparison to South Africa and the temperatures much lower. To fuel JC and his band of pickers I stood by with steaming meals such as my famous Parsley Chowder,” Carolyn recalls.  Carolyn’s love and knowledge of herbs date back to her legendary grandmother Eleanor Finlayson’s garden on the farm Hartenberg near Stellenbosch. While living in Switzerland during the early 2000s, she established her own herb garden within the stone walls of an old castle at Cressier, Neuchâtel. “It was planted with herbs of all descriptions and it was of course the parsley that inspired this recipe.” Carolyn recommends her powerful chowder with the Creation Chardonnay. The wine is full enough not to be overpowered by the richness of the haddock and cream, in fact the fresh fruitiness is a delightful foil for the dish. Click here for the recipe and here to order our award winning wines.

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