At Creation we regularly receive sommeliers from all corners of the earth, but it is not often that we get to share our little piece of paradise first hand with no less than eight of South Africa’s top sommeliers at the same time!

It was a real pleasure to host them on the 4th and 5th of April, showing them around and getting their feedback. We value their comments and take pleasure in sharing some of these with you.

Frank Ndlovu – The River Club, Johannesburg:

The whole experience was a revelation, especially the fact that it was possible to enjoy wine at 10 am with your brunch pairing. Never mind champagne being the respectable choice for any time of day – wine fits that category too! Pairing it with breakfast, lunch or dinner can make those occasions enjoyable and memorable especially when done in a sensible way. My personal choice? I just loved the poached quail eggs on asparagus and green pepper purée with Hollandaise sauce paired with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon.

Patson Mathonsi – Creation and Riedel Gauteng:

Tasting the older vintages was a real treat! The huge ageing potential of wines from this estate with a cooler climate and therefore more natural acidity became evident. I enjoy the honesty of JC’s wines which he makes with little intervention. The Creation Syrah, Grenache particularly stands out as an ‘Old World’, cool-climate wine. The vertical food and wine pairings were unexpected and ingenious especially the cauliflower soup which has been incrementally tweaked to become a celeriac, cauliflower, gorgonzola soup with walnut, onion and blueberry sprinkle, paired with the Merlot.

Luyolo (West) Ngcwabe – The Cradle, Gauteng:

I didn’t know what to expect! I find the intensity and complexity of these fresh, elegant, food wines remarkable. I have never experienced a brunch pairing at that level. This was a unique introduction to JC’s philosophy and his explanations while taking us through the whole process, from vineyards to cellar, enabled a detailed interaction with the brand – it was remarkable! I loved the artichoke dish in The Kiss & Tell tasting – which is the story of the love affair with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. It was unexpected and brilliant as a combination with pineapple and bee pollen.

Zwai Gumede – The Chef’s Table, Durban:

Your awareness of what is happening in the wine industry and all your actions and good intent are clear and help you to do so well as a brand. Things don’t just happen at Creation they are thought about and that’s what makes the difference. People know about the brand and they ask for it – I think Creation’s brand awareness is amazing.

Mö Therese – Café 99 and Unity Bar, Durban:

Seeing JC and Carolyn in their natural habitat: the olives … the Pebbles Project … one experienced a reality of not just an idea tasted at a trade show. One discovered just how exceptional and consistent their passion is and that goes into everything from planting virus-free vineyards to the consideration that goes into the selection of their barrels. The Kiss & Tell tasting is a brave, wonderful example of Creation’s innovation and it is stunning to taste these three Chardonnays and Pinot Noir with pairings side by side.

Tongai Joseph Dhafana – La Colombe, Cape Town:

The Springbok with the Art of Creation Pinot Noir 2015 was such a highlight. The food was fantastic and I loved the spiciness, earthiness and red berry fruits. I like the diversity of the Creation portfolio and this was a chance to taste many great wines from the different undulating aspects of the farm. I just loved the new Rhône-style Rosé although it’s in its infancy it is a beautiful baby and just spot on with the cultivars. Keep focussing on the Chardonnay, I believe that’s the future! It was fun to pick some olives and also to see the newly planted vineyards – it’s clear that progress is being made. It was also great to learn how Creation reaches out to the community through the Pebbles Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project, it warmed my heart!

Nkulu Mkhwanazi – Creation Riedel Gauteng and KZN:

The Creation Art of Chardonnay and Art of Pinot Noir and their pairings completely floored me! Both the wine and the food were 100%, full marks and simply out of this world. The elements and combinations were stunning and some of them totally unexpected. At Creation wine and food pairing is truly and art as demonstrated in the way the purity, intensity and freshness of the wines are highlighted when combined with the food. I found Creation’s new vineyard plantings very exciting and also the project with Martin Prieur from Burgundy. These long-term investments are testament to the estate’s potential, great shared intellectual capital and a commitment to the South African wine industry as a whole.

Eben Bezuidenhoud – Creation/The Wine Guy, Cape Town:

I think this visit has had a great impact on the brand. Creation is an example of innovation and this was such a personal experience – learning more about the barrels and natural yeast fermentation, for instance, and being part of the process by engaging with it whilst it’s happening. Creation is a phenomenal product and it’s inspiring to find that the Creation team members are constantly working and looking at what they can do better. They are never complacent and this energy is exciting and rewarding.

From the above comments it is clear that our eight illustrious guests thoroughly enjoyed the Creation experience. We feel privileged to have hosted them and look forward to doing this again. So if you are a sommelier who would like to learn more about Creation, feel free to contact Carolyn at

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