Chardonnay is not only a malleable and versatile grape that lends itself to a wide range of winemaking styles, it also has the potential to pair beautifully with food and flavours from across the culinary spectrum.

Celebrating Chardonnay this March, Creation’s kitchen team led by Warwick Taylor have been happily experimenting with interesting combinations that complement the Creation Chardonnay 2013.

“On the nose glorious layers of sun-kissed pear and peach are enhanced by fresh minerality and a hint of piquant vanilla. The full-bodied palate is in perfect harmony: generously fruity and subtly spicy, with well-judged acidity contributing excellent balance and a lively, lingering aftertaste.”

With this in mind the innovative team of chefs set out to encompass the spirit of Creation Chardonnay in the following four recipes:

Crayfish Ravioli, Pineapple, Basil, Pan-Fried Cucumber, Chardonnay, Coconut and Vanilla Sauce

Warwick Taylor

In this recipe the aim was to take a classic Chardonnay pairing – crayfish – and give it a fresh twist.

Serves 4



250 g “OO’ flour

3 whole eggs

2 egg yolks

1 tbls olive oil

1 pinch salt

1 egg white for brushing pasta

1 tail cooked crayfish cubed

0.5 tail crayfish raw

50 ml cream

salt to season



1.    In a bowl, mix the flour, salt and olive oil.

2.    Add the whole eggs and the egg yolks.

3.    Mix to form dough.

4.    Knead until a smooth texture is achieved.

5.    Place in the fridge for 1 hour.

6.    Blend the raw crayfish with the cream and season.

7.    Mix into cubed crayfish.

8.    Roll into four 80 g balls.

9.    Roll out pasta, cut out 8 circles of 12 cm diameter and brush with egg white.

10.Place crayfish in the middle of four of the pieces of pasta.

11.Overlay the second piece of pasta and pinch sides together, trying to exclude as much air as possible.

12.Poach in salted water. When it rises to the top it is done.




200 ml Creation Chardonnay

60 ml cream

50 ml coconut milk

1 pod vanilla

20 g butter

salt to season



1.    Reduce the Chardonnay in a pot to half.

2.    Add coconut milk and reduce further.

3.    Add cream and split vanilla pod.

4.    Season and whisk in butter.





300 g chopped pineapple

3 broad basil leaves

10 ml olive oil

12 batons cut cucumber as per photograph



1.    Heat cucumber in a pan with olive oil and season.

2.    Heat pineapple with olive oil, season with salt and add basil.

Plate as per photograph.


Warwick Taylor


Fresh Valley Mushroom Salad with a Wholegrain Mustard and Chardonnay Grape Juice Dressing

Jaco Grové

A deliciously earthy and rustic salad with a real touch of class: local mushrooms from the Hemel-en-Aarde with fresh juice from Chardonnay grapes harvested on Creation as a dressing.

Serves 2

For the salad

·       fresh king oyster mushroom thinly sliced

·       fresh shitake mushroom thinly sliced

·       any tomato – deseeded and thinly sliced

·       cucumber peeled and thinly sliced lengthwise

·       pea shoots

·       red onion thinly sliced

·       rind of one lemon

·       finely chopped curly parsley

Mix the salad together and sprinkle the parsley and lemon rind over with some maldon salt and olive oil.

For the dressing

·       1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard

·       1 small bunch curly parsley

·       2 bunches Chardonnay grapes

·       2 teaspoons honey

·       juice of 0.5 lemon

·       salt to taste

·       0.5 cup oil

Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth and strain through a fine sieve.

Jaco Grové


Butternut Fritters

Charlene Pie

This scrumptious recipe offers two variations: Toasted Almond and Coconut and Cinnamon Sugar.

Makes 20 teaspoon sized fritters.

You need 1 whole butternut and a deep fryer or medium-sized pot filled halfway with cooking oil.

Toasted Almond and Coconut Fritters

50 g toasted almonds

50 g toasted desiccated coconut

15 g chopped parsley

pinch ground cloves

pinch ground cardamom

2 pinches ground aniseed

5 g baking powder

75 g cake flour

10 g castor sugar

5 g salt


Cinnamon Sugar Fritters

100 g cinnamon sugar mix

5 g baking powder

75 g cake flour

10 g cinnamon sugar mix

5 g salt



Heat deep frying oil to about 175° C.

Place whole butternut in the oven at 180° C for about 1 hour or till it is easily pierced with a knife.

Remove from oven, cut in half lengthwise and allow to cool.

Scoop out the flesh and divide into two bowls.

Bowl 1 should contain 10 g almonds, 10 g desiccated coconut, 5 g chopped parsley and the rest of the ingredients from ground cloves to the salt. The rest of the almond, parsley and coconut can be mixed and placed in a bowl.

Bowl 2 should include the ingredients from baking powder to salt. The 100 g cinnamon sugar can be placed in a separate bowl.

When these two mixtures have been mixed, start with one or the other by dipping two teaspoons in the oil to prevent the fritter mix from sticking.

Scoop out some mixture and use the second teaspoon to help the mixture off the other spoon into the oil.

Only do about 5 fritters at a time.

When in the case of the cinnamon sugar fritters they are a nice golden colour, you can strain them out with a slotted spoon onto paper towel and then roll them in the bowl with cinnamon sugar.

Garnish as seen in the photograph. 

Charlene Pie


Pear Flan with Pear and Toasted Almond Sorbet

Eleanor Niehaus

Delicious on its own, this yummy flan is a sensation when paired with the Creation Chardonnay 2013.

Serves 4

Flan Ingredients

Today shortcrust pastry


170 g castor sugar

170 g salted butter

3 eggs

140 g ground almonds

30 g cake flour

2 fresh pears, cored and sliced thinly


Line the mould that you are going to use with shortcrust pastry and prick with a fork.

Blind bake for 15 minutes.

Take out baking beans and bake for another 7 minutes.

Cool down and remove the pastry from the mould.

Mix ground almonds and cake flour together.

Place sugar, butter and eggs in a mixer and mix till smooth.

Add this to the flour mix, only mix till combined and place in piping bag.

Pipe the frangipane mix into the shortcrust mould till it is filled halfway.

Fan out sliced pears onto your frangipane and brush with sugar syrup.

Bake at 175° C for 20 to 25 minutes.

Sorbet and Puree Ingredients

3 fresh pears, cored, peeled and cut into blocks.

200 g castor sugar

200 ml water

50 g toasted almonds



Place all the above ingredients in a pot, cover with foil and cook on medium heat till liquid has reduced by half and pears are soft.

Blend in a bar blender till smooth and pass through a fine strainer.

Place 1/3 of your puree on the side for garnish and the rest in the sorbet machine till it can be scooped out and place in the freezer.

Dried Pear Ingredients

1 pear (thinly sliced whole pear)

100 ml water

100 g castor sugar



Dissolve the sugar over low heat.

Add thinly sliced pear to the sugar syrup.

Eleanor Niehaus

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