Having discussed the importance of terroir, vineyard management and harvesting in our series on The Art of Winemaking, we now turn to the cellar. While the basic principles of winemaking are the same today as they were 1 000 years ago, the science behind those principles is now far better understood.

2014-11-13-The_Art_of_Winemaking_The_Cellar_r6_c6The modern winemaker is taught to understand the organic chemistry that ripens his grapes and ferments the juice, and modern wines undergo extensive analysis and quality control before being released onto the market.

With the mechanisation of the production process brought about by the industrial revolution, technology has also changed the face of modern cellars, streamlining production and dramatically increasing cellar hygiene and the overall quality and consistency of the product, and giving the winemaker ever more accurate tools to facilitate the journey from grape to glass. While there are many of these modern aids in winemaking, it is up to each winemaker to decide where and when to employ modern techniques. Most winemakers choose a combination of traditional methods combined with new technology for practical reasons and efficiency – the key is to find a balance that improves the wine. Click here to read more.

Hot off the Press: Creation Excels in Parker Tasting 2014

Influential US wine critic Robert Parker has released his annual ratings for wines submitted for tasting. And the great news is that no less than five Creation wines achieved an impressive 90 points and more! The recently released The Art of Chardonnay and The Art of Pinot Noir garnered 93 and 92 points respectively, confirming their position as world-class wines proudly representing South Africa. Here are the top wines:

Creation Viognier 2014 90
Creation Chardonnay 2013 91
Creation Reserve Pinot Noir 2013 90
Creation The Art of Chardonnay 2013 93
Creation The Art of Pinot Noir 2013 92
Click here to order these exceptional wines.


What’s in a Glass

At Creation we believe that our meticulously crafted wines deserve to be served in superior quality glasses. That’s why we’ve invested in Riedel’s finest for our Tasting Room; it certainly enhances the tasting experience. Don’t miss out on our special Riedel event to be held at Creation on Thursday, 4 December at 18h00. Click here for details and to book.

Bookings open for December and January

With the summer holidays around the corner, we’re already taking bookings for December 2014 and January 2015 – book now to avoid disappointment! Good news is that for the period 15 December to 5 January we’ll be extending our opening hours until 19h30 for sundowners. An abridged version of our regular menu will be available during this time offering cheese and antipasti platters as well as our famous wine and food pairing canapés. For those who like to get an early start to the day, we will also be offering our 10h00 Brunch Pairing (arrival at 09h45). Click here to read about all the options available for your visit. To book, call (028) 212 1107 or contact info@creationwines.com. Please note that the Tasting Room will be closed on 25 December and 1 January.

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