wine bottleHaving examined the importance of both terroir and vineyard management in our series on The Art of Winemaking, we now turn to the harvest. Despite all the care taken in establishing a vineyard, much still depends on the weather experienced during the growth and ripening periods of a given vintage as well as on the decisions made with regard to the harvest date of each block. These factors are crucial in determining the quality, structure and character of the resulting wine.

The Perfect Balance
As each individual grape approaches ripeness, there are a number of processes underway as various reactions take place. With the help of a healthy canopy, sugar levels are rising while acid levels are slowly dropping and the fruit is becoming noticeably sweeter. Sugar levels are important because they determine the potential alcohol of the wine (yeast converts sugar to alcohol and CO2 during primary fermentation). Acid retention is as important as it imparts freshness to the wine and balances the sugar, tannin and alcohol. Click here to read more.

Creation Abroad

Creation has an established network of export agents, supplying wines of distinction to Creation lovers across the globe, and the last month has seen representatives Pamela Gordon and Khail van Niekerk venturing into new, emerging markets to assess their potential.

Travelling to Kampala in Uganda, Pamela attended the 5th South African Wine Festival at the Kampala Serena Hotel in Uganda, organised by South African Airways in partnership with Stanbic Bank and Kampala Serena Hotel. The event attracted over 400 guests including trade, media and VIP corporate clients, diplomats and senior government officials. This year’s tasting focussed on the celebration of 20 years of democracy in South Africa and highlighted developments in the wine industry since the advent of democracy and promoted awareness of the South African category, introducing new brands into the Ugandan market.

Khail set off to Brazil where the ITI (Investment and Trade Initiative) to Sao Paulo and Curitiba incorporated wine producers as well as rooibos and South African cosmetics producers. The trip included a seminar on doing business in Brazil which has a very complex economy and social structure; however it also has a rapidly expanding middle class which is thirsty for wine. In a country with a population of over 300 million people this means organic growth for companies who enter the market at an early stage. The Tasting Room at Creation has also recorded a noticeable increase in Brazilian visitors, indicating a rising interest in both South Africa and wine by the Brazilian consumer.

While Creation expands into new markets, we are also committed to supporting our existing agents abroad. Thus Jean-Claude (JC) Martin has recently returned from a tour of the UK, Central and Northern Europe while Carolyn Martin is currently in the UK presenting master class tastings and wine pairings. JC will join Carolyn to host open days across Europe. For more information on these open days and other upcoming events click here. Both JC and Carolyn have reported great excitement and positive feedback about the quality of estate wines from South Africa.

 What’s in a Glass

At Creation we believe that our meticulously crafted wines deserve to be served in superior quality glasses. That’s why we’ve invested in Riedel’s finest for our Tasting Room; it certainly enhances the tasting experience. Don’t miss out on our special Riedel event to be held at Creation on Thursday, 4 December at 18h00. Click here for details and to book.


The AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction 2015

Creation is proud to participate in The AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction 2015 to be held on Saturday, 14 February at Boschendal. It is for a great cause and funds will be distributed to charities within the wine industry. The programme is still being finalised and the lots will be announced shortly – so watch this space!


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