Creation is pleased to announce the release of the latest vintage of our popular white Bordeaux-style blend, the Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014. With only a limited annual production we have decided to celebrate the release by publishing a collection of recipes which have been specifically designed for the Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon by local chefs.

What grows together, goes together” says Carolyn Martin, co-owner and marketing director of Creation Wines. “Situated in the scenic Walker Bay, we are surrounded by natural beauty and it is only fitting that with such emphasis on the provenance of our wines, we want the pairings to reflect the bounty of the land on which we grow the fruit. Each recipe uses the terroir as inspiration.

With a 290m elevation, the estate vineyards from which the Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon are produced benefit from cool night index of 12 degrees Celsius, and are situated just 9km from the Atlantic Ocean. Sauvignon Blanc, which traditionally serves as the base of a white Bordeaux-style blend, benefits from the proximity to the Atlantic and contributes fantastic natural acidity and fresh minerality, balanced by an abundance of tropical fruit flavours. Semillon has a slightly weightier palate and lanolin-like texture, exhibiting a distinct tangy, savoury component which is reminiscent of the sea breeze that influences the maritime aspects of the climate. Semillon contributes not only to the structure and mouth feel of the wine; it also grows in complexity as it ages, providing backbone.

The Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 is a wine which lends itself to food pairing due to its savoury notes, freshness and excellent palate weight. Although it has a natural affinity to fresh seafood like oysters and scallops, it is versatile and can often pair with tricky, sulphur-based foods like eggs, asparagus and artichokes.

For this week’s recipe, Creation chef Warwick Taylor has sourced trout from the nearby Nuwejaarsrivier. Freshly caught and glistening on the outside, the meat has a delicate pink hue, and begs to be simply cooked, without disguising the flavours: Nuwejaarsrivier trout, leek and apple compote, spring onion and potato croquette, caper cream sauce

With all the various elements in harmony, the Creation Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2014 is an exceptionally food friendly wine. Click here to order yours now and try out this pairing at home.

With over 120 000 hectares under vine across the Gironde department, the area centred around the city of Bordeaux is the largest producer of wine in France. The finest wines from this region are world famous for their elegance and ability to age gracefully for decades – and also their price. While the typical red Bordeaux-style blend is recognised by consumers and emulated by producers in most places where wine is grown around the world, Bordeaux is also home to a lesser known yet equally notable white blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. Click here to read more on our blog.

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