At Creation we delight in the incredible beauty Nature has bestowed so generously upon our farm. And even more so in the exceptional wine-growing conditions prevailing in our little enclave on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge.

We acknowledge the role Mother Earth plays in our success and to confirm this harmonious relationship Creation is a member of the Biodiversity in Wine Initiative (BWI). We are committed to conserving our natural heritage by implementing long-term biodiversity as well as sustainability programmes, and that includes the preservation and protection of the indigenous flora as well as the precious wildlife on our farm.

What’s more, we comply with the sustainability guidelines laid down by the Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme and all our recent releases boast the proud ‘green seal’. Environmentally sensitive and responsible wine production has always been close to our heart and the IPW seal offers us the opportunity of communicating our commitment to eco-friendly wine production.

The main Fynbos families conserved on our farm are the Proteaceae, Restionaceae and Ericaceae. This natural vegetation is also reflected in the Fynbos Garden surrounding our cellar, where a superb collection of indigenous shrubs and trees can be found. We also go to great lengths to encourage the survival of the animal and bird populations in the area. These include lynx, mongoose, leopard, grysbok, duiker, yellow-billed kite, black eagle, blue crane and many others.

To furthermore confirm Creation’s dedication to conservation and sustainability, it is one of only nine wineries in South Africa to have received the coveted EnviroWines accreditation. This pioneering concept has been developed to encourage and give recognition to growers who produce grapes and wine through above average environmentally sustainable practices.

Working hand in hand with the natural world, we also recently proved our commitment to conservation by pledging our support to the Landmark Foundation. This means that Creation is one of only four farms in the Overberg area that is officially predator friendly and to celebrate our status a magnificent sculpture of a life-size leopard was recently unveiled at Creation.

The unveiling coincided with an information session and the sculpture will remain at Creation for some months – serving as a symbol of our ongoing commitment to conserving Nature’s rich gifts to our land. We also hope that this will raise awareness of the plight of the leopard and encourage more farms to join in creating safe corridors for this endangered species. 

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