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In combining winemaking showmanship with culinary artistry, gorgeous flavours with irresistible textures, Creation has gained an enviable reputation for our innovative and ever-evolving wine and food pairings.
No doubt about it: wine and food pairing has taken the South African restaurant and foodie scene by storm and we at Creation have played a pioneering role in this trend. In fact, wine and food pairing has become one of the estate’s main attractions and we have won the KLINK Wine Tourism Award for Best Food and Wine Pairing at the Cellar Door twice.
“At Creation we believe that good wines deserve to be enjoyed with good food. That’s why innovative wine pairing, with scrumptious food complementing each wine, is an integral part of the Creation experience,” says co-owner and marketing director, Carolyn Martin.
And now we take pleasure in launching an exciting new menu that will take wine pairing to new heights. A menu featuring the evolvement of our award-winning Canapé Pairing into an irresistible Tapas Pairing.
Carolyn elaborates: “The tapas will be slightly more substantial in size than the one-bite canapés and should satisfy most appetites as a complete lunch, but with exciting variety and wine pairings taking centre stage. The increased complexity of each dish will allow us to demonstrate more depth in the pairings, creating a truly unique and multi-faceted pairing experience.”
More good news is that we cater for specific dietary requirements. If you are a vegetarian, lactose or gluten intolerant or follow a Low Carb Hi Protein eating plan, simply inform us when booking.
The Tapas Pairing Menu

Creation Sauvignon Blanc – Pickled calamari, pawpaw, cucumber, pineapple, celery and radish
Creation Viognier – Almond and apricot, carrot and coconut, pickled ginger
Whale Pod Rosé – Clam and leek, lemon, olives and tomato
Creation Pinot Noir – Duck breast, beetroot, goat’s-milk cheese; raspberry and wholegrain mustard
Creation Merlot – Cauliflower, hazelnut, coffee, thyme, blue vein cheese, truffle
Creation Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot – Short rib, beef reduction, pasta, parmesan
Creation Syrah – Pork dumpling, umami broth
Creation Syrah, Grenache – Lamb, red pepper, chorizo, aubergine and black olive

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The Three Course Pairing Menu
Another thrilling newcomer is the Three Course Pairing Menu which will change weekly. This is where our chefs will let their creativity run wild, incorporating fresh local ingredients and unexpected combinations into a three course meal, each course enjoyed with a different wine. This option will replace our existing à la carte menu.
IMG_9540 copy (Copy)
Artisanal Pairings
Cheese, charcuterie and assorted accompaniments such as olives and preserves, both savoury and sweet, are age-old companions to wine. With the introduction of our exciting new pairing options, we realised there was great potential to put an innovative twist on the existing cheese and antipasti platters. Our team of flavour experts have collaborated to bring our guests classic pairings as well as unique new combinations in our two delicious new offers: the Cheese Pairing and the Charcuterie Pairing.
The Cheese Pairing
A selection of four artisanal cheeses accompanied by our chefs’ choice of preserves, compotes and chutney – perfectly paired with four of our wines.
The Charcuterie Pairing
Free-range, air-dried and cured charcuterie served with a scrumptious selection of side dishes and beautifully matched by four of our wines.
10AM Brunch Pairing
Something for those who have tried it all before, those who want to challenge their senses and treat their palate to the extraordinary. Eight breakfast-themed tapas dishes are perfectly paired with premium wines from the Creation range.

Oyster and grapefruit – Creation Sauvignon Blanc
Pawpaw, maldon salt, apple, pear, radish and thyme – Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon
Egg cocotte with prosciutto and camembert – Creation Viognier
Crayfish with buttermilk, vanilla, almond and muesli, citrus aioli – Creation Chardonnay
Duck liver and duck crackling, goat’s-milk cheese and raspberries – Creation Pinot Noir
Rooikrans-smoked duck breast, quince, ndumbi and thyme oil – Creation Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot
Hot chilli chocolate, cinnamon and cumin – Creation Syrah
Pork belly, pork and leek croquette and chorizo scrambled egg – Creation Syrah, Grenache

The 10AM Brunch Pairing is now available for pre-booking – 48 hours advance notice is required, and certain courses are subject to availability.
The Gourmet Secret Pairing
Four entrée-sized courses designed to thrill and delight the senses, paired with some culinary theatre and mystery ingredients – and the menu? Shhh, it’s a secret!
The Paradoxical Chocolate Pairing
Chocolate is one of those things that many people think just shouldn’t be paired with wine – and at Creation we thought “challenge accepted”. The premise is that instead of pairing the chocolate itself with wine, the chocolate serves as a vessel infused with vivid flavour profiles that elevate the flavours within the wine. Advanced chocolate technology contributes unique fast melting properties, making it the perfect vehicle for revealing the layers of carefully selected flavour.

Passion (salted white chocolate, white peaches and almonds) – Creation Viognier
Charisma (white chocolate with blackberry, jasmine and cardamom) – Creation Pinot Noir
Resonance (malted mocha and roasted hazelnut dark chocolate) – Creation Merlot
Déjà vu (fennel and coconut milk chocolate) – Creation Syrah

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Non-alcoholic Tapas and Tea Pairing
In the spirit of innovation and inclusivity Creation has partnered with luxury tea brand TWG Tea to develop a tea and canapé pairing that runs parallel to our new Wine and Tapas Pairing. Using exotic blends of spice and essence and the finest quality teas we have created an ethereal and aromatic taste experience.
Surprise Pairing for Kids
With a dedicated playroom adjacent to the Tasting Room and a young adults menu, Creation has always been child friendly. Our Surprise Pairing for Kids gives them the chance to join in the pairing fun with their parents by offering juices and flavoured milk with a platter of healthy and fun snacks to experiment with.
Kiddies surprise pairing (Copy)
Creation is open 7 days a week, with pairings available between 11h00 and 16h00. To book please call (028) 212 1107, contact us on or book online on our website

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  1. wendy carter

    WOW this looks amazing! I love the kiddies pairing, I can bring my grandsons along!

  2. Warwick Richter

    My wife and I tried this new pairing menu over the course of this past weekend … it was AWESOME! Seriously, it was WORLD-CLASS! Tasty food and delicious wine; a roaring fire and attentive staff! First-rate stuff! Well done, CREATION!


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