A clone is a vine propagated from one single mother vine with the result that each plant that is propagated from it is identical in DNA and uniform in personality. In South Africa quality grafting material is extremely important:  to minimise the risk of spreading virus but also to ensure that the clones selected are best suited to the site on which they will be planted. The estate vineyards on Creation represent a virus-free mother block from which cuttings are taken to establish new vineyards throughout the country, thus helping to improve the quality of South African vineyards.
Massale selection could be viewed as the next step in capturing the essence of the terroir and best reflecting the personality of the vineyards that are panted there. It involves choosing a number of vines from the existing vineyard which exhibit outstanding qualities and then propagating new vines from that budwood. Massale selection is accomplished through field selections by taking carefully chosen cuttings from old vines. For vineyards to be able to reach an age where they can be considered ‘old vines’ they need to be virus-free and of impeccable quality.
Once the vineyards have reached an age where they have adapted to their site and they have maintained their quality attributes, the top vines will be used to provide cuttings to propagate new plantings or to replace existing vines. This is a time-consuming process and painstaking, but one which will ultimately see the characteristics of the healthiest vines expressed by more fruit. Once a sizable portion of vineyards is producing fruit from vines propagated through selection massale, the wine produced from those vines should convey a more essential expression of place and subsequently be of superior quality.