The Secret’s in the Wine.

There has been, perhaps less so now but certainly in the past, an inclination by many to categorise the pairing of food with wine among the most esoteric of culinary arts. It is only the relatively recent cultural phenomenon of celebrity chefs and the popularisation of the ‘foodie’ culture associated with them that have exponentially increased the number of patrons both with access and a willingness to experience new flavours.

This culinary revolution started in the last half of the 20th Century and has seen an increase in the prominence of wine pairing menus and suggested wines. This has in turn filtered through into everyday consciousness to the point where most wine drinkers are no longer doomed to a world ruled by gross generalisations such as ‘red wine shall pair with red meat; and white wine with white meat’. Despite this interest from a broader public, there is still some debate as to the merit of wine pairing with detractors questioning if not the benefit then certainly the accuracy and consistency of what is by its very nature subjective and a matter of taste. Creation has explored this topic extensively, offering an exciting variety of wine pairing experiences in the Tasting Room and working closely with numerous chefs around the world to develop wine pairings. Click here to read further.

Wine Word of the Week: Dormancy

Grapevines, being deciduous plants, have developed to survive harsh winters and this evolutionary course has resulted in the plant acquiring certain characteristics. In late autumn, triggered by short days, petioles detach from the shoot and leaf drop occurs. The vine loses its leaves as it shuts down its metabolic processes. No longer manufacturing carbohydrates through the process of photosynthesis, but having stored up carbohydrates in the permanent structures of the plant in the form of starch, the vine has enough reserves for bud break when the days lengthen and the temperature increases in spring.

Creation at Fazenda in Manchester

Marketing director and co-owner Carolyn Martin recently presented a selection of Creation wines at the Fazenda restaurant in Manchester. It was an unusually pleasant summer evening and the pre-press tasting open to the public attracted around 70 people, with attendees expressing particular interest in the Viognier, Chardonnay and Syrah Grenache from Creation.

This public tasting was followed by a presentation of several South African wines to the UK wine trade in a WOSA organised initiative. The feedback indicated that the tasters were highly impressed with the quality of South African wines and excited at the possibilities for growth in this sector as more South African wines are listed in top venues across the UK. Click here to read about the event in the Manchester Evening News.

Highlights and Happenings on the Creation Calendar

Ranging from fun functions and sensational shows on the Creation Estate to maintaining a strong presence at prestigious wine events, we love to see you there! Here are some of the latest attractions.

Join Creation at The Eatery in Hermanus

Creation Wines has teamed up with the new proprietors of popular local bistro The Eatery to present paired wine evenings on the first Wednesday of every month. Book now to secure your place: 028 3132970

11 July: Bastille Day Celebration, Brasserie de Paris Restaurant, Pretoria Tel: 012 460 3583 for details.

23-26 July: Good Food and Wine Show with Chef Coco Reinarhz Explore your Inner Foodie! For details click here.

22 August, 3 pm – 8 pm: Big Bottle Festival at the Cape Town Club, 18 Queen Victoria St, Gardens, Cape Town. R450 pp. Join wine and food lovers at the 5th annual Big Bottle Festival, South Africa’s super-sized and grandest annual wine tasting extravaganza, celebrating Big Bottle masterpieces. Participation of producers is strictly by invitation from The Big Bottle Festival Sommelier team in order to maintain the superior level set for the event. For details click here.

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