2015-01-05_Veraison_ the_Onset_of_Ripening_r6_c3At Creation the hard work and vineyard preparation for the 2015 harvest is starting to pay off, with about 50% of the Pinot Noir block having started veraison – the growth stage of the vine which sees the transition from berry growth to the onset of ripening.

Veraison is most noticeable in red grape varieties as they start to change colour from green to red. There is a less noticeable change from green to yellow in white cultivars. This stage signals the start of sugar production and is an important indicator of the expected harvest date. Different cultivars require different numbers of heat units to reach optimal ripeness and although there is not much work to be done at this stage, the grapes are constantly monitored. Closer to harvest any underdeveloped bunches will be removed which will influence the final yield for the 2015 harvest. This removal of underdeveloped bunches is known as ‘green harvesting’ and is key to even ripening in the remaining bunches. It influences the penetration of sunlight and the circulation of air through the bunches – all critical to the development of healthy fruit. Click here to read more.

A Hearty Thank You!

To the more than 8 000 visitors who made the trip to the cellar door at Creation this past Festive Season we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks. Without your support and patience Creation would not be the innovative brand that it has become today. Feedback both from loyal customers as well as first time visitors is key to our brand and we are listening carefully! In line with your expectations, 2015 will see the introduction of more exciting products and events. During 2014 our Tasting Room team expanded considerably and we introduced our popular new online store. Rest assured that service excellence and staff training will continue to be the focus in the coming year. The favourable reception of our limited edition Fine Cape Vintage (now sold out) as well as our newly released Reserve Merlot 2013 hint at some of the unique things to come in 2015 … All we can say is “watch this space”!

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