2015-02-12_Wine_and_RomanceHere with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough,
A Flask of Wine, a Book of Verse — and Thou
– Omar Khayyám

Through the ages many a poet has waxed lyrical about wine. And not only poets … Eric Asimov, acclaimed wine writer for the New York Times, admitted in a recent article to being “… a romantic about wine. I don’t mind saying it.” And why should it trouble him to admit to a certain romanticism towards wine? Wine appreciation often evokes memories and emotions, transporting us to higher realms. Therein lies so much of the joy of wine drinking. Click here to read more.

Vineyard Update – Harvest Time!

There is a certain glimmer in the vineyard and cellar teams’ eyes around this time of year; and when you combine that with the tangible energy in the air it can only mean harvest time is here! Although much depends on the decisions made now, the joy of the process is evident in the broad smiles flashing across the tired faces at the end of each long day. Click here to read more.

Creation Wines CWA Lot – Bidding now Open!

Creation Wines is proud to participate in the 2015 AfrAsia Cape Wine Auction (CWA), a global showcase of South Africa’s finest wines and the country’s most prestigious wine brands, in aid of the Cape Wine Auction Trust. Click here to read more.

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