October is Merlot Month and to celebrate we bring you all things Merlot – starting with the terroir. Merlot is widely regarded as one of the world’s most difficult cultivars to grow. At Creation on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge however, we are blessed with a number of factors contributing to the successful cultivation of the fickle Merlot.

Firstly there’s the macro-climate which has a great influence on the suitability of this cultivar to our terroir. Our Merlot is planted at an altitude of around 292 m above sea level on the rolling foothills of Babylonstoren Mountain, some 9 km from the Atlantic Ocean. The soil type is clay-loam derived from Bokkeveld shale as the parent material. And then the estate has a night index of 12° C less than the day-time temperature and thus enjoys a unique diurnal variation between warm days at around 23° C and cool nights.

Click here to read the complete blog and here to read more about the wine and to buy it online.

Celebrating Merlot with Favourites from the Creation Culinary Team

In honour of the Creation Merlot and the Creation Reserve Merlot, and to perfectly pair these award-winning wines, we’re bringing out the classics! For the recipe of the ever-popular Cauliflower Soup with Gorgonzola Cheese, to be paired with the Creation Merlot, click here.

And for the recipe of the scrumptious Lamb Loin with Cauliflower Purée, Blueberry Gel, Red Cabbage Salad tossed in Rosemary, Granola Crunch and Gorgonzola Crumbs, to be paired with the Creation Reserve Merlot, click here.

Creation Merlot – The Sommelier’s Choice

From our Sommelier’s Choice series you can see that our Merlot is highly regarded by those in the know. Click here to find out what Mike Buthelezi from the Signature restaurant in Sandton have to say about the wine.

Carolyn Martin and Signature's MIke Buthelezi

Creation Abroad: Never a Bull Moment!

October will once again set a very busy and exciting schedule for both JC and Carolyn Martin as this vibrant couple take on numerous commitments in Europe. We look forward to reporting back … In the meantime, here are some of the events they’ll be hosting or attending:

Fazenda Consumer Tasting – Liverpool

On the 6th of October a tasting with WOSA will take place at the Fazenda Liverpool branch. This will be followed by a public wine tasting from 16h00 – 18h30 where no less than 12 of Creation’s award-winning wines will be shown. To book your spot for the public tasting please contact Dayle Ohara dayleohara@fazenda.co.uk.

Creation Wines Masterclass with Fazenda

We’re delighted to once again team up with Fazenda in Leeds and Manchester for a Creation Wines Masterclass. During the masterclass the guests will enjoy six different wines, learn more about the winery, our production methods and the food pairing characteristics of the wines. If you love wine and would like to learn more, this event is not to be missed. Cost: £10 (excluding the cost of the meal of £29.50). Dates: Leeds – 10 October, 18h30 – book at leeds@fazenda.co.uk; Manchester – 11 October, 18h30 – book at manchester@fazenda.co.uk. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Switzerland Open Day and Wine & Dine

Another highlight on JC and Carolyn’s exciting itinerary is the wine tasting taking place at Restaurant Palace in Biel on Saturday 15 October from 11h00 until 17h00. What’s more … on the 14th and 15th JC and Carolyn will be hosting Wine & Dine Evenings. On the 14th the event will take place at Restaurant Aux Trois Amis, Schernelz and on the 15th at Restaurant Palace, Biel. To make a reservation click here.

JC will also be travelling to Amsterdam and Hamburg. For information on these private events click here daniela@creationwines.com.

An image and a reservation form for the Switzerland Open Day and Wine & Dine eventJC will also be travelling to Amsterdam and Hamburg. For information on these private events click here.

Creation in the News

Herewith the latest on Creation in the media:

In an article in The Drinks Business Darren Smith addresses the need for virus-free vineyards – a topic very close to JC and Carolyn Martin’s hearts. He writes: “Through its mother blocks of vines, Creation is now playing a similarly crucial role in tackling viruses with the aim of ensuring that high-quality grape production can be sustained not just in its own region of Hemel-en-Aarde but across South Africa.” To read the complete article click here.

In Matthew Flax’s The Inside Guide reviewer Jackie Lange reports: “No trip to Hermanus would be complete without a visit to the beautiful vineyards of the nearby Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. Creation Wines is one of these. Not only are its wines superb and its food delicious, you can also choose from a number of unusual wine and food pairings.” Click here to read the complete review.

Lastly Creation seems to be the wine of choice when it comes to Michelin star dining. Recently, Michelin star chef and South African, Jan-Hendrik van der Westhuizen, hosted a ten-course dinner at his private home in Cape Town. Delectable dishes were the order of the day and Creation’s Art of Pinot Noir was paired with a dessert consisting of quince, vanilla and naartjie served with slices of Boerenkaas and apple.

KFM and Lead SA Visit Creation

Coinciding with their visit to the annual Hermanus Festival, the KFM Breakfast team visited Creation and then made their way up to the Diepgat Primary School in the Hemel-en-Aarde. A huge thank you to Hermanus Nursery, CEM Cupboards and The Pole Yard for opening their hearts and giving to these learners who are in desperate need.
The KFM Breakfast team at Creation and Diepgat Primary School

Classic Chardonnay Celebration in Hermanus

The Hemel-en-Aarde has become famous for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. And now the producers of this unique wine area have decided to share their beautiful Chardonnay with wine lovers at a dedicated Chardonnay festival. The Classic Chardonnay Celebration takes place at the Thatch House on Saturday, 19 November and will focus on the exceptional quality and distinctiveness of the Hemel-en-Aarde’s cool-climate Chardonnays. The Creation team looks forward to participating in this exciting event. Book now to avoid disappointment.

The Classic Chardonnay Celebration 2016

Welcome to our Little Piece of Paradise

Situated some 18 km from the coastal resort of Hermanus, Creation is more than a wine farm; it is a glorious destination where a warm welcome awaits young and old. Click here to make a reservation. Here are some comments recently made by our visitors:

Amazing Tapas and Wine pairing. Tapas and Tea pairing for my 14 year old son, and “Surprise Pairing” for my 10 year old daughter. Everyone had a fabulous time, and we will definitely return.

– BonnieSmuts (TripAdvisor review)

On a drive up the Hemel en Aarde route we stopped at Creation. On the spur of the moment we decided to have the complimentary wine tasting. The hostess was extra special, answering questions on the type of wine glass being used and why? Viognier excellent. Chardonnay even better, as was the Pinot Noir. But the Grand Finale Syrah Grenache…to behold! A morning to remember! Thanks Creation, you did honour your name in creating wines of memorable remembrance!

– Otto J (TripAdvisor review)

Events Calendar


08 October 9h00 – 13h00: Hermanus Country Market, Hermanus Cricket Club A small market with a lot of soul where good friends meet hug and eat … You can look forward to an amazing array of fresh organic produce, homemade delicacies, artisan breads, probiotic yoghurts, handmade cheeses, home smoked fish, happy hen eggs, wheat-free bakes and local wines. For more information click here.

19 November from 16h00: Hemel-en-Aarde Classic Chardonnay Celebration, The Thatch House, Hermanus Imagine manicured green lawns, crystal blue waters, a delightful string quartet and world-class Chardonnay … The Hemel-en-Aarde Classic Chardonnay Celebration takes place for the first time this year, focusing on the exceptional quality and distinctiveness of this area’s cool-climate Chardonnay. While the spotlight will be on Chardonnay, other wines produced by the 13 winegrowers from the Hemel-en-Aarde will also be showcased. To purchase tickets click here.

Cape Town

12 October 17h30 – 21h00: Tuning the Vine Tuning the Vine #InnerCityWineRoute is an epic midweek wine tasting adventure including some of the hippest inner city venues and showcasing delicious South African wines and talented winemakers! Every Wednesday following First Thursdays, Tuning the Vine fills the City streets with hundreds of happy wine tuners, helpful wine fairies and loads of wine loving fun. Starting time is 5.30 pm and tastings end at 8.30 pm. Venues are open till late so you can stay wherever you are and continue to have fun. Online ticket sales are available at Quicket.


10 October 18h30: Creation Wines Masterclass with Fazenda, Leeds, UK The first masterclass in collaboration with Fazenda will take place at Fazenda’s Leeds branch. If you love wine and would like to learn more, this event is not to be missed. Cost: £10 (excluding the cost of the meal of £29.50). Book your spot here leeds@fazenda.co.uk to avoid disappointment.

11 October 18h30: Creation Wines Masterclass with Fazenda, Manchester, UK The second masterclass in collaboration with Fazenda will take place at Fazenda’s Manchester branch. If you love wine and would like to learn more, this event is not to be missed. Cost: £10 (excluding the cost of the meal of £29.50). Book your spot here manchester@fazenda.co.uk to avoid disappointment.


14 October 19h00: Wine & Dine Evening, Restaurant Aux Trois Amis, Switzerland Join JC and Carolyn in the first of two Wine & Dine evenings. The cost for this event is CHF100. If you wish to attend please email Restaurant Aux Trois Amis mail@aux3amis.ch

15 October 19h00: Wine & Dine Evening, Restaurant Palace, Biel, Switzerland The second Wine & Dine evening takes place at the Restaurant Palace in Biel. Reservations for this event can either be done by calling 032 315 11 44 (D. Lauper) or via email office@restaurantpalace.ch

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