Nice at Creation

Last week we reported back on the memorable Nice Visits Creation dinner which took place in the Tasting Room on 17 November.

The exciting event represented a unique collaboration between Kevin Grobler (Head Chef at Jan Restaurant in Nice) and the Creation Culinary Team and we focused on the magnificently styled and scrumptious canapés which were paired with the Creation Viognier and the recently released Elation MCC.  Click here to read last week’s blog.

This week we regale you with the culinary gems served for starters, the main course and dessert. Starter number one was prepared by chef Jaco Grové of the Creation Culinary Team who delighted the guests with his ‘Story of Peas’, a fresh summery dish paired with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon.

The second starter showcased chef Kevin Grobler’s considerable talents and consisted of trout with vanilla fennel, cumin and lemon verbena. This was the perfect companion to the Creation Art of Chardonnay. Kevin also created the sensational main course, keeping it local with kudu served with beetroot, parsnip and cherries. The earthiness of the beetroot and the red fruit notes of the cherry complemented the similar characteristics in the Creation Art of Pinot Noir beautifully.

The evening ended on a high note with a very interesting and innovative dessert created by chef Francois Hugo of the Creation Culinary Team. His mirepoix, a vegetable-based dessert, was a winner indeed and to surprise the guests even more it was paired with a 5-litre bottle of the 2013 Creation Chardonnay – shared among everyone!

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