In this popular series we feature selected restaurants from around the world. Each chooses a favourite Creation wine, tells us why and recommends a matching dish. This week we welcome the stylish Nigel Pace and Sarah Ord from The Stack in Cape Town.

Nigel says:

The choice of wine was not a tricky one! The Creation Art of Chardonnay is a feast in a bottle – everything you can hope for – and I’m a great Chardonnay fan. The wine has a great texture and the oak integration is exceptional! The beautiful freshness appeals to all the senses. This excellent calibre Chardonnay is what white wine is all about. It also reflects the good life – full, sophisticated with layers and layers of loveliness.

We decided on one of our most popular dishes as a pairing: Baby Roast Chicken roasted in locally grown herbs and basted with the juices. Together with that we have the roasted root vegetables and a garlic aioli which brings the whole dish together. It is a rustic dish in a very modern setting – all about the surprise elements.

The juiciness and sweetness of the root vegetables and the garlic aioli are just lovely. The freshness of the wine cuts through it, but the richness remains. It is the perfect match although there is still the debate about chicken – whether it should be served with white or red wine. I think it is about the way it’s cooked and in this case the boldness and richness of the Chardonnay make it the perfect match for the dish.

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