We’re pleased to resume our popular series in which we feature selected restaurants from around the world. Each chooses a favourite Creation wine, tells us why and recommends a matching dish. This week we welcome Chris Milner and Tomas Maunier from the Fazenda Rodizio Bar & Grill in Manchester.

Tomas says:

Coming to Fazenda is an experience, not just a sit-down dinner. It is a journey – from the food to the wine list – and it is about being part of a group where there’s always interaction. We like doing things differently. Fazenda is a premium version of the traditional way of serving South American meat. Something people in South Africa would probably associate with a ‘braai’.

There is a degree of brand presence, but we want to expand brand awareness of South African wines in the UK. An example is the Creation Sauvignon Blanc. South Africa and Creation in particular produces amazing Sauvignon Blanc, but it is not generally known here. So it is our aim to keep on surprising people with the diversity and quality of South African wines on our wine list.

Chris says:

The Creation Sauvignon Blanc was featured as the wine of the month at Fazenda and really is a fantastic wine, not what you would expect. It is full flavoured enough to pair with the meats we offer, not something every Sauvignon Blanc can do.

The Creation Syrah, Grenache blend reminds us of the Rhône style and is most suitable for those looking for smokiness, pepper and black fruit. It is a typical wine from a cooler climate area – again not your everyday New World wine. The use of ‘Syrah’ instead of ‘Shiraz’ already indicates the difference, the older style of winemaking. The wine is very powerful, yet with excellent structure and a velvety texture – ideal with a number of dishes on our menu. I look forward to putting it away for five years or so and then taste it again. This is a type of wine which should age tremendously.

All in all Creation brings to Fazenda a sense of Africa’s generosity that warms our patrons’ hearts and souls! The wines pair beautifully with the Brazilian concept and especially with our delicious meats. The Creation Viognier for instance, comes with the Walker Bay minerality balanced with a creamy character and white peach aromas – great with our white meats and even some of the reds. The Bordeaux blend (Creation Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot) has smoky oak complexity, red fruit freshness and black fruit intensity; needless to say it’s a fantastic complement to our perfectly cooked charcoal style beef. Both wines are hugely popular. For those who want to add finesse and elegance to their meal, we recommend the exclusive Creation Art of Pinot Noir, such an amazing wine. With its complex bouquet of  rose petal, dark cherry and anise and the luxurious cherry and plum fruit, earthiness and spice, the wine really brings an extra touch of excellence to a memorable experience.

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