Maarten Koek – Restaurant Perceel, Holland

In this popular series we feature selected sommeliers from top restaurants around the world. Each chooses his or her favourite Creation wine, tells us why and recommends a matching dish. This week we welcome Maarten Koek from Restaurant Perceel in Capelle aan den IJssel, Holland. Maarten is also a cheese expert who recently received the title ‘Beste Fromager van Nederland’.

In the two years since the opening of the restaurant it has been awarded a Michelin star and received the Capelle Entrepreneur of the Year award while Chef Jos Grootscholten was named ‘Promise of the Year’ by the independent restaurant and hotel guide, GaultMillau. To read more about the restaurant or to make a reservation, go click here.

Maarten says:

We became acquainted with Creation and its wines in November 2015 when Carolyn Martin visited us and we hosted two memorable wine and food pairings (lunch and dinner) which were so successful that our guests are still talking about that Sunday!

One of our favourite Creation wines is the Syrah, Grenache blend from the year 2013. It is the perfect match for Chef Jos Grootscholten’s famous Iberian Pork Cheeks which is cooked for 48 hours at 64 degrees Celsius to release the intense, natural flavours of the meat and reward with a soft, juicy texture. Jos serves it with red cabbage, red currants and onions in different preparations. The red cabbage contributes freshness, the red currant acidity and the different onion preparations sweetness – all in all an ideal dish for the cooler seasons lying ahead in South Africa.

The notes of plum and forest fruit go really well with the red cabbage and the sweetness of the onions. The acidity in the wine brings the red currant in balance while the herbal character supports the earthy notes of the pork. Finally the hints of black pepper on the aftertaste celebrate a perfect wine-dish combination.

Just below, a short video of Maarten talking about the pairing.

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