Wine and the Arts – Rejoicing in the 2016 Harvest

At the onset of harvest this past week, our imaginative team donned garlands made of vine leaves and had a great deal of fun, re-enacting the myths of ancient Greece. The scene resembled a celebration in honour of Dionysus and a celebration it certainly was!

Need to brush up on your Greek mythology? Well, Dionysus of course is the god of the grape, harvest, winemaking and wine and also the patron god of the Greek Theatre.  During harvest the ancient Greeks partook in the Dionysia, a festival held in Athens in honour of Dionysus. These festivals were the driving force behind the development of Greek Theatre.

So with the Creation vineyards, laden with ripening grapes, setting the scene, let’s look at the protagonist: viticulturist and cellarmaster Jean-Claude (JC) Martin. Ever since the vines have come out of dormancy, JC has been walking his vineyards: thinking, planning and meditating – even on Christmas and New Year’s Day – to ensure optimum performance. Every detail has been examined, discussed and taken care of with his vineyard team – from bud break to flowering, fruit set to veraison and then harvesting.  It is obvious that healthy vineyards produce healthy grapes and now that the time for picking has come (the harvest date of each row is of course crucial) it is only natural that the entire Creation team would rejoice.

IMG_2427 copy

In Act Two the cellar will be the stage and the winemaking team the cast. Here our cellarmaster will take the role of director, orchestrating the whole sequence. The stars, of course, will remain the grapes that through the progression of the show will develop in character – culminating in the celebrated art that is Creation Wines. More about that and the enjoyment of wine later …