With the Festive Season approaching, it’s only natural that you should start thinking about special gifts for colleagues and clients. Creation offers a wide range of wines that are characterised by their rare balance, elegance, distinction and finesse. These wines are guaranteed to convey your highest esteem – as well as your good taste!

Packaging with Panache

To make your gift truly unique and impressive Creation offers a variety of packaging options plus the option to brand the packaging with your corporate logo or a personalised message. How about selecting a beautifully packaged wine of your choice in a customised gift sleeve – with a perfectly paired chocolate bar? Or, choose a selection of three Creation wines packaged in an elegant craft box with a personalised greeting tag.

The Riedel Stemless, O-to-go and Vinum glass ranges also make great gifts when combined and packaged with the wines they are designed to complement. For the discerning recipient, combine a set of two Burgundy glasses with a selection of three Creation Pinot Noir wines, or select a gift set of white wines with Sauvignon Blanc glasses – all packaged to delight the recipient!

Big is Beautiful

There are many reasons why larger bottles of wine are becoming increasingly popular. Apart from being sought-after collectors’ items they make brilliant gifts for family, friends and business associates. Due to the increased demand for larger format bottles, Creation has released 1.5-litre, 3-litre and 5-litre bottles of our popular Rhône-style (Syrah, Grenache) blend as well as 1.5-litre and 3-litre bottles of the award-winning Creation Reserve Pinot Noir. Gifts of note indeed!

To avoid that last minute rush, contact daniela@creationwines.com now or click here to view our products online.

Why Temperature Matters

At Creation one of the most frequently asked questions by our guests is why our red wines are served slightly chilled. The quick response is that ‘room temperature’ is not a South African concept; it is European, where room temperature is much lower.

The temperature at which a wine is served has a significant effect on its aroma, taste and texture. Firstly, temperature determines how many aromatic molecules reach our nose and can thus be smelled. The colder, the less aromatic a wine will be. At the other end, when too warm, many of the enjoyable molecules are gone before you can smell them and alcohol becomes the dominant smell.

Taste and texture notably affect the perception of tannin in wine. Hence the serving of white wines, which have much lower tannin levels than red wines, at a cooler temperature. Acidity on the other hand is more noticeable at higher temperatures. High acid whites are thus better served cooler than low acid red wines. The effect of temperature on the perceived balance of tannin, acid and consequently the perception of fruit flavours is thus pivotal in our perception of a wine’s structure.
Luckily all wine varieties are similarly affected by temperature, which makes it possible to give some general guidelines: the heavier the tannin structure of the wine and the lower its acidity, the warmer it should be served. Low tannin, higher acid wines are best served colder to maximise refreshment. The range is generally from about 8 degrees Celsius for the higher acid white wines up to about 18 degrees Celsius – which is slightly cooler than the average South African home or restaurant – for the seriously complex reds.

To maintain these ideal temperatures Smeg offers a wide range of free-standing and built-in wine coolers. Thanks to two temperature zones that can be individually adjusted, these coolers keep different bottles of wine at optimum temperature and just ready to be served! Click here to read more.

Of French Châteaux and German Castles (2)

Creation Wines Brand Ambassador Nkulu Mkhwanazi recently had the honour of representing South Africa at the La Revue du Vin de France World Tasting Championship in Burgundy. The event took place on 14 October at Château de Gilly in Burgundy and for Nkulu it was preceded by what he refers to as “an unforgettable 6-day trip” through France and Germany. Last week he reflected on the first part of his journey, this week he tells us about the second part and the grand finale. Click here to read.

Creation Pinot and Poussin – a Perfect Match

Widely renowned for its pairing versatility, Creation Pinot Noir is also great with chicken dishes. Click here for the mouth-watering Lemon and Bacon Poussins with a Garlicky Sauce recipe that recently appeared in Woolworths TASTE magazine.

Creation on the Move

Creation team members Daniela Messina, Dieter Odendaal and Phillip Marais recently attended the RMB WineX Wine Festival in Johannesburg. “It was a great opportunity to spend some time with clients in the trade and to meet so many old and new friends at WineX. Thanks to everyone who came to say ‘hallo’, we look forward to welcoming you at the Estate,” comments Daniela.

According to the trio it was amazing to see the buzz and excitement happening in and around Johannesburg. “For a trendy lunch or after-work drinks I can definitely recommend the new Le Wine Chambre located at Shop No 4, Illovo Junction, corner of Corlett Drive and Oxford Road. The wine bar boasts a small tapas menu with a wonderful wine list which includes a range of Creation wines,” adds Daniela.

Creation Wines – Creative Food & Wine Pairing

“The glasses are Riedel, the team welcoming and serving you are outstanding hosts … The complete visit is a treat … the views, the people and of course the food and magnificent wines!” To view Robyn Wallace’s blog, including a ‘photographic tasting experience’, click here.


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Welcome to our Little Piece of Paradise

Situated some 18 km from the coastal resort of Hermanus, Creation is more than a wine farm; it is a glorious destination where a warm welcome awaits young and old. Click here to make a reservation.

Here are a few comments recently made by our visitors:

“Gorgeous setting for a lazy afternoon. Our wine hostess, Stephanie, was very well informed and shared insights to the wine. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. The wines were carefully selected to pair well with the food. A fantastic experience!.” –  Patrice G (TripAdvisor)

“The wife and I came here for lunch as part of a whale watching tour. We enjoyed the seven course Story of Creation menu with wine pairings. Very clever combinations and very tasty. The portions were quite filling as well and we didn’t need much by dinner time. The views of the surrounding hillsides are absolutely stunning” –  Turner S (TripAdvisor)

Creation on WhatsApp

Great news for Creation lovers: we are now available on WhatsApp! For all bookings, other enquiries and wine orders, feel free to contact us on 082 921 6435 if this is your preferred method of communication.

Events Calendar


4 November 8h00 – 12h00: Creation at the Hermanus Country Market, Hermanus Cricket Club    
A small market with a lot of soul where good friends meet hug and eat … You can look forward to an amazing array of fresh organic produce, homemade delicacies, artisan breads, probiotic yoghurts, handmade cheeses, home-smoked fish, happy hen eggs, wheat-free bakes and local wines. For more information click here.


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