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Over the course of last week, the Creation Culinary Team have been delighted to welcome Chef Thomas Rode Andersen and Sommelier Thilde Maarbjerg from Denmark in their midst. The couple was visiting Creation as part of the ‘Reaching for the Stars’ campaign, an initiative aimed at bringing exciting international flavours to our table.

The high-profile Thomas is a Michelin-starred chef and the author of various bestsellers on gastronomy. Thilde is chief sommelier at the wine company Løgismose Vin and regarded as one of Denmark’s leading food and wine experts. What follows is Thilde’s impressions of South Africa and more specifically, of Creation Wines.

South Africa is exotic and vibrant, a natural wonder in itself, a place for entrepreneurship and development and sadly misunderstood by many people outside the country.

Being there, visiting two dynamic people who showed us the coming true of their dreams and the love and respect for their land was enlightening beyond any expectation. It is one thing to recognise potential, another daring to bring it to life and coping with all the challenges that inevitably show up along the way. What was a wilderness was transformed into a lush estate of vineyards, a beautiful winery and a restaurant employing a growing number of people. Here the wines grown in thriving, healthy vineyards are served to a never-ending stream of thrilled guests. Premium wines are poured against a background of stunning scenery and paired with carefully created dishes. What an attractive combination!

You get a feeling of perfection, of nothing missing, no details overlooked – and not least of all, a feeling of effortlessness. Coming from the service business I know this is one of the most difficult things to achieve, because the timing, the constant pressure for maintaining the quality and the big human factor make it everything but effortless!

At Creation, like everywhere else, the leaders of the pack are setting the standard. Carolyn and JC Martin are remarkable people with a mission, the courage to fulfil it and an enthusiasm that rubs off not only on the staff but also on their guests. To be able to feel this strong passion for what they do in every member of the team was a rarely experienced pleasure. Cooking with the chefs and serving with the floor staff on our truly memorable evening the 8th of February was THE icing on the big beautiful cake.

Skip the buts, the worries, the considerations and just go, go and experience the feeling of Creation!

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  1. Christo Carel Coetzee says:
    February 15, 2018 at 17:29

    An inspired and committed team. I an so impressed and wish I lived close by in order to visit.


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