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The new year has hardly kicked in or the Creation team, true to their reputation for constant innovation, are ready to launch yet another dashing way of pairing fabulous food with their glorious wines. Comprising no less than six small-plate dishes, each enhanced with an award-winning Creation wine, the new ‘Celebrate Summer’ Pairing Menu will replace the existing 3-Course Menu.

Creation co-owner and pairing guru Carolyn Martin explains: “What set the creative juices flowing was the concept of ‘social dining’ so popular among the foodie generation the world over. Wikipedia describes social dining as ‘a philosophy of using meals specifically as a means to connect with others.’  The thinking behind it is of course as old as the hills: It was none other than Epicurus, the Ancient Greek philosopher and founder of Epicureanism who said: ‘We should look for someone to eat and drink with before looking for something to eat and drink!’

“Research has revealed that the more often people eat with others the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives. Add to this the fact that the sharing of a variety of small-plate dishes stimulates conversation and interaction around the table.”

According to Carolyn the menu of six different starter portions ideally fits the summer bill. “Instead of eating one’s way through three full courses, the ‘Celebrate Summer’ Pairing Menu caters for the smaller appetite we all tend to have during the hot summer months. What’s more, the exciting variety allows us to showcase the wide range of wines on offer.”

The new menu is the result of no less than six gifted chefs pooling their talents to bring their guests a feast of aromas, flavours, textures and colours to delight the senses and uplift the spirit.  The magic of the wines richly contributes to the joyous variety show!

Among the irresistible pairings are the Shimeji Eggs with Sage Cream and Soba Noodles served with the Creation Reserve Pinot Noir and the Yoghurt and Passionfruit Gelato, Pineapple Pickled Fennel, Blueberries and Sorrel recommended with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks to the generosity of the Creation Culinary Team, you will find the recipes for the six dishes here.

Beef Carpaccio Slices

Springbok Loin with Dijon Cream

Octopus Tentacle with Red Adzuki

Shimeji Eggs with Sage Cream and Soba Noodles


Yoghurt and Passionfruit Gelato


Guests craving diversity will be pleased to know that they can look forward to ever-changing seasonal menu themes. Thus ‘Celebrate Summer’ will be followed by, for instance, a menu celebrating the harvest, the release of a new vintage or any of the many happy happenings in the life of the estate.  Each menu will comprise a magnificent array of small-plate dishes with the ideal Creation wines to match.

“We look forward to offering our guests the opportunity of tasting a wide range of world-class dishes and wines, making the experience convivial and interactive and thus enhancing the social style of eating we wish to promote at Creation,” says the ever enthusiastic Carolyn.

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