Following a joyous Festive Season with visitors from far and wide joining us and expressing their appreciation, the Creation team takes pleasure in thanking them for making our little piece of paradise shine. “Here’s wishing all our supporters a glittering 2018 with many a happy wine destination,” says Creation co-owner Carolyn Martin.

Among the comments received has been a message from John and Irene Saunders who especially loved Creation’s unique Galaxy tablecloths. John commented as follows:

From an amateur astronomer’s point of view they [the tablecloths] tell a fascinating story. The picture is of a truly enormous nebula in the night sky with thousands of ‘new-born’ stars emerging. Some of these are just a few million years old …

The bright white stars are ‘youngsters’ in stellar evolution and will be floating out of the nebula in time to become the ‘suns’ of their own with planets in orbit around them. Our own sun was formed in such a nebula about five billion years ago and is now halfway through its life cycle.

The nebula, which is the gas or clouds you see on the tablecloth, is what is called a ‘stellar nursery’. Our sun started in such a nebula where the hydrogen gas and helium gas come together in a gravitational pull and nuclear fusion starts to happen thus creating the stars over many millions of years.

It was Dom Pérignon who, upon discovering the secrets to making champagne, exclaimed: “Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!” Over the Festive Season Creation’s own Méthode Cap Classique, the exuberant Elation, has once again proved to be a star in its own right with feed-back ranging from “Simply sensational with our New Year’s Eve sushi” to “When the clock struck twelve, Elation exploded!”

Another favourite for toasting those special moments has been the Creation Art of Pinot Noir which boasts a 5-star rating in the 2018 Platter’s South African Wine Guide. Complex with opulent layers of cherry and plum mingling with earthy flavours of mushroom and an elegant sprinkling of spice, the wine is a magnificent match for traditional festive fare such as smoked duck breast but also sensational with springbok loin with cherry jus.

Towards the end of last year Creation launched yet another star: the Creation Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc which was the first to come from the Hemel-en-Aarde. Over the Festive Season many a complimentary note testified to the ‘coolness’ of this crisp wine. Chic with waterblommetjie ravioli with coconut shavings and lemon verbena; fun with a picnic hamper at sunset on the beach.

Indeed, in the Creation firmament stars abound, as is so beautifully portrayed by the Galaxy tablecloths. What will the New Year bring? “The Creation team will keep reaching for the stars,” says Carolyn – with a twinkle in her eye. So … watch this space!

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