Visitors to Creation during the magic months of winter often wonder what happens in the vineyards while they are happily sipping our wines at the cosy Tasting Room fireside. Well, the vines go into dormancy but contrary to common belief they are not merely catching up on some beauty sleep! There is in fact a lot of activity going on.

JC Martin explains: “Having finally ripened their grapes, the vines enter their post-harvest stage, shooting off tiny new roots into the soil in a process referred to as ‘root flush’. This is done to absorb much needed nutrients which will feed the plant during the cold winter months. In the meantime the leaves continue photosynthesis until they drop, storing up vital carbohydrates which are broken down to use as energy during the winter months.”

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All Systems Go for CapeWine 2018

At Creation we look forward to welcoming wine colleagues from around the world to our stand (K83) at the 2018 CapeWine International Trade Show in September. Terroir is best experienced through discovery on the ground – up close and personal. So do also visit us on our beautiful estate in the Hemel-en-Aarde. Please contact if you or your associates would like to spend time at Creation with Jean-Claude and Carolyn during this period.

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