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Creating Wines of Distinction

Thank You … Merci … Danke … Enkosi … Dankie!

November is Thanksgiving Month and Jean-Claude and Carolyn Martin take pleasure in expressing their heartfelt thanks for blessings received. Their list starts with clients and guests.

We relish sharing our little piece of paradise with our visitors, and love showing off our award-winning wines. Without you, our clients, there would be no business and what we enjoy most is the interaction with you. Every encounter has its own rewards and it is often a casual comment or question that triggers a fresh Creation innovation. We are particularly grateful to guests who have made contributions to the development of our wine and food pairing this year and here we’re thinking of Thomas Rode Andersen, Thilde Maarbjerg, Geir Salvesen, Gunnhild Bjørnsti, Salt restaurant and Rani Jo.

A big thank you as well to local business and tourism for your support, we are not a microcosm and it is through networking that we create interesting and beautiful experiences that local and international visitors remember.

This year saw Creation winning local and universal acclaim for its terroir-expressive wines once more. These included the high praises of local wine critics such as Roland Peens as well as internationally recognised critics such as Tim Atkin, Jamie Goode, Neal Martin and Greg Sherwood. Our hearty thanks to these wine experts for the vital role you play in raising the profile of South African wine and especially Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Merci beaucoup to our friends and colleagues in Burgundy: the Prieurs and Colins, for sharing their passion for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with us. 

The press that travels far and wide to give Creation much appreciated exposure are of course also high on our thank you list. And then we so appreciate our community, neighbours, business partners and friends – including the Drakes – for their encouragement and sense of humour, insights and support through thick and thin. Many thanks for your support of initiatives like Pebbles from all over the world, it is truly heart-warming! 

Over the years we’ve been extremely lucky to enjoy the unstinting support of a talented, passionate and dedicated team whose input has greatly contributed to the overall success of the estate – thank you Creation Team. May we continue to grow together, always enchanted by our discoveries and wiser every day! Last but not least, a huge thank you to our specially selected suppliers who work on product development and keep on delivering quality local products and services to us to maintain our high standards.

A short prayer: Dear Lord, help us to believe the truth in ourselves no matter how beautiful it is. Thank you for all the blessings Mother Nature has bestowed upon Creation in 2018, a sip of a moment in time.   

JC and Carolyn Martin

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