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Carolyn in Burgundy: a Whirlwind of Beauty

Carolyn Martin of course loves to travel, always packing her itinerary with new places to see, out of the ordinary things to experience, old and new friends to meet, exciting wines and food to taste … and then some. Two weeks ago she reported on the Martin family’s recent holiday in Switzerland and Norway. This week her friend Baptiste Quinard shares impressions of their adventures in Burgundy.

Burgundy! Vous êtes ma seule étoile – Je vous suis toujours fidèle!  (Burgundy! You are my only Star – I’m still faithful to you!)

What a delightful surprise to suddenly have the lovely Carolyn Martin for three days in Burgundy, giving me the opportunity to show her the beauty of our beloved region! Three days of vinous pleasures, fine cuisine and authentic products; the colourful market of Beaune on Saturday morning, amazing gardens and daydreams in the wonderful apartments of past centuries.


An appetizer in the green valley of the Auxois; visiting the village and Castle Chateauneuf en Auxois and the Cistercian Abbey of Bussière. A superb view of the cross between the Tilleuls from the village of Chateauneuf. The Abbey of Bussière restored by an English couple is a place of choice today to stay calm in a neo-gothic universe, so British and Burgundy.

A glass of blackcurrant nectar from Burgundy and we’re off again.

An amazing tasting at the Domaine de la Folie among the descendants of Etienne-Jules Marey, inventor of chrono-photography and therefore cinema. Also managed by the family in a field where nothing has changed since Marey.


We then went to the Château de Germolles where Duke Philippe le Hardi planted the first Pinot Noir vine in the 14th Century. The cradle of Pinot Noir in Burgundy!

Crescendo in beauty, it is then the incredible garden of the Castle of Cormatin which so much charmed us and the discovery of the most attractive paneling of the 17th Century preserved in France. A paradise for the imagination …

Back to Beaune and its gourmet market, the most superb market in the region, to prepare a nice picnic shared on the Montagne de Beaune with South African friends.

We ended by visiting the most extraordinary monument of Burgundy, the Hotel-Dieu de Beaune, adorned with its multicoloured tiles and having had the rare privilege of visiting the King’s Chamber in the same monument.




Carolyn, in three days found herself bathed in a whirlwind of beauty she discovered for the first time.


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