With its launch timed as a prelude to this year’s FynArts Festival, the anticipation surrounding Creation’s new ‘Story’ menu is mounting. And so is the excitement elicited by Nanette Ranger’s exquisite sculptures already gracing the Creation Fynbos Garden. Add to these the magical chords compiled by local sound designer Ivo Ivanov, and it becomes abundantly clear that you can look forward to an amazing sensory experience: ‘Integration at Creation’.


Pairing guru and art fundi Carolyn Martin explains: “At Creation we believe that wine and food pairing is an art in itself. To demonstrate this, our brand-new FynArts Story of Creation Pairing Menu brings you what we like to describe as ‘delectable art’, but with an exciting difference.”

Imagine the pleasure of foraging for edible fynbos – an ingredient often used in the Khoisan cuisine of yore – to create a modern-day menu for trendy foodies. “Thanks to the guidance of consultant forager, Chef Ryan Anderson and our landscaper and fynbos expert Meindert Poerink, our new menu abounds with the allure of citrus buchu, wild garlic flower and wild sage to titillate the senses and beautifully enhance our wines.”

The FynArts Story of Creation menu comprises seven irresistible chapters as well as a complimentary ‘Welcome’. Each dish is creatively matched with a wine and artistically presented to resonate with Nanette’s enchanting sculptures. Here are but a few samples to whet the appetite.

On arrival guests are welcomed with a glass of the unique Creation Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc served with a scrumptious selection of breads. The Cape seed rolls are presented on a golden hand sculptured by Nanette Ranger and served with homemade butter with citrus buchu and blood orange olive oil. They are prepared with Chenin glühwein as we believe that even when cooking with wine only the finest ingredients should be used. The shards of bread (honey, almond and wild rosemary) are garnished with dehydrated seaweed in patterns of local seaweed and coral and served on an earthy wooden board. A delectable cream cheese dip exudes wild garlic fynbos and has just a pinch of Pino salt. A wow for the senses, and that’s only the start!

Chapter 2 brings you the joy of a glass of Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon magically matched with broccoli and pear soup, ricotta, basil, gnudi (raw gnocchi made with ricotta) and pumpkin seed crisp.

Another feast for especially the vegetarian is Chapter 4 where the gorgeous flavours and textures of parsnip, caramelised cauliflower purée, walnut crisp, boerenkaas croquette, blackberry consommé and thyme flirt with the many glorious facets of the Creation Reserve Chardonnay.

In the spirit of traditional cuisine, yet as a delightful surprise, is the duck bobotie with labneh, coriander and candied egg yolk offered as Chapter 6 of this amazingly versatile menu. Accompanied by the elegantly spicy Creation Reserve Syrah this is a combination to make music to your senses! Speaking of music: to add to the cosy, wintry atmosphere around a crackling fire in the Creation Tasting Room will be the evocative natural sounds specially designed by Ivo Ivanov to suit the ambience.

And then, last but certainly not least are the inspiring works of art by the gifted Nanette Ranger who says about her exhibition ‘Integration at Creation’: “It is a sculptural exploration of the natural synergies and synthesis of art, food and wine.”

The FynArts Story of Creation Pairing Menu will be served from 10 May 2019 – be sure to make a reservation here Please let us know about any dietary requirements in advance, it is possible to have the classic, vegetarian or vegan pairing. All Creation wines are vegan friendly.

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