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#❤Hermanus – #LoveSouthAfrica youth development project

On Friday afternoon, 18 October, the youth of Hermanus gathered at the Hermanus Waterfront for a festive musical celebration featuring marimbas, song and dance. This enthusiastic group of 124 young people came from diverse backgrounds, areas and schools, relishing the opportunity to interact and collaborate in a fun and safe environment.

The organisers, a group of 15 enthusiastic members of the Hermanus community, wanted to create social cohesion with a cultural youth development project that would showcase the young talent of Hermanus whilst creating a lot of goodwill. It was decided to attempt a flashmob to set the tone and introduce a campaign with the theme:

#❤️ Hermanus

#Share the ❤️

We are using the ❤️ shape to project this positive image of all the good things that happen in our communities, starting with the flashmob celebrations.

Janine Neethling, the renowned South African music producer who lives in Hermanus, kindly helped us to put this production together at short notice; we even called in the help of the renowned South African (and now international) choreographer, Kirvan Fortuin, to join the effort. By participating in the project, the youth were given the opportunity to demonstrate their love for their town and showcase their amazing talent. The very talented duo of Kerwin Baatjies and Chad Hendriks, both ex Hermanus High students, joined in the festivities and showed what talent this town can produce.

The performance was held in the open-air old-harbour seafront area in front of the restaurants in Hermanus and included marimbas on the grass embankment, with the dancers strutting their stuff on the lawn and even into the street amongst the appreciative crowd. The marimba players were from Gansbaai Academia and Curro Hermanus, the dancers from Marina and Estian’s dance schools respectively, and the choirs from Hermanus High School and Gansbaai Academia.

Besides the schools involved giving their full support to the initiative, it couldn’t have happened without the help and financial contributions of the local community. We received funding from private individuals, restauranteurs, guest houses, the Hermanus Waterfront, Curro, tour and tourism operators and we would like to thank them all for making it possible and believing in the difference this ❤️ project would make to these young people lives. The crew also gave their time generously to make this happen!

Whalecoast Tourism and the Municipality were also excited about the initiative and involvement of the youth in this venture, offering cooperation and support.

Most importantly, we want to express our appreciation to all of the kids who have given so much of their time to show their commitment to youth culture development. We hope that this can serve as a seed project for a Youth Culture Development programme to be launched next year and that we will be able to regularly showcase our local talent to residents and local and international tourists alike. We believe we have abundant talent right here on our doorstep in this vibrant town.

The Organisers of the overall event were Carolyn Martin, Ann Wright and Karen Winter.

For further information please use the following links

Hermanus Youth Flashmop video –

Hermanus Youth Flashmop photo’s –


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  1. Joe Neethling says:
    October 24, 2019 at 20:43

    Great and worthy effort! Congratulations to all concerned and a special word of thanks to Janine Neethling for her support when she herself was under great pressure.


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