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In Praise of Pinot Noir

This past weekend saw 12 Pinot producers pulling out all the stops to showcase their wines at the sixth annual Hemel-en-Aarde Pinot Noir Celebration. And what a celebration it was! Among the festivities were individual producer events hosted at the participating wineries. Creation’s cameo performance, titled ‘Pinot Poetry’, featured a tasting of no less than ten internationally sought-after Pinot Noirs enhanced by a delectable menu composed by the gifted Creation Culinary Team. Set against the glorious backdrop of Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge, this was pure poetry indeed! “A heartfelt thank you to all our guests who contributed to the success of this special event,” says Creation’s Carolyn Martin.

A highlight was the reading of Creation intern Baptiste Quinard’s ode to Pinot Noir. Baptiste hails from Burgundy and specially wrote his ‘praise song’ for the occasion. It was translated by Ian Glenn into English:

Pinot Noir is an aristocrat. This short sentence could be enough to define this native grape of Burgundy. A Roman toga up to the waist and the white cassock of the abbots of Cluny and Cîteaux up to his head. That is a well-summarized graft. He is among us like a speaker in inflexible flesh, the only one credible to reveal the truth of the mysteries of the soils and climates of Burgundy. Philip the Bold understood it well in 1395.

It is claimed it has been cloned 50 times all around the Earth, but always under the same latitudes because Monsieur does not like excessive heat. Showy climates would take away his divine word. To get close to the truth, we must believe in the Alchemic Passion of Pinot Noir, because it is one of the rare grapes to see its aromas born at the time of fermentation.

As at the time of the dismemberment of Dionysus or even the Passion of Christ, it is at the moment of its decomposition that the spirit is revealed by aromas hitherto unknown. One wants, one tastes, one embraces Mr Black Pinot everywhere around the Earth but there is only one vineyard in the world where we come to swear allegiance and eternal fidelity, once in our lives, like a pilgrimage to the sources: Burgundy.

Pinot Noir is the friend of good people with fine educated palates, the friend of lovers of nuances, the friend of those who love to share beauty. But in the whole world, it is on the borders of the Atlantic and Indian oceans, at the tip of the immense and powerful continent of Africa, that the Burgundian in a state of innocence and enlightenment, comes, at the heart of his northern winter, to discover and understand that with much love and the talent of the wine-maker bringing it to life, that Pinot Noir, even far from its cradle, once again moves us. It is in this jeweled valley called Paradise on Earth, recalling the Creation of Genesis for us, that his emotion has been the highest.

Click here to read Baptiste’s ode in French.

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