Following their popular ‘Summer Love Story’ pairing menu, the Creation Culinary Team is now pulling out all stops in celebration of Harvest 2020. And this means not only the grape vintage but also the choice fresh produce harvested from the Overberg and surrounds. Among the many treats on their brand-new menu will be sensorial tastings using key elements from the unique Creation terroir to titillate the senses, says pairing guru Carolyn Martin.

“Still maintaining the ‘love’ theme, our ‘Harvest Love Story of Creation’ menu will be launched on 13 February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. In creating it we’ve strived to reflect our love for our farm, our region and for what we do – and we trust that our guests will truly love the experience!

“Guests will be welcomed with the 2019 Creation Sauvignon Blanc and its alluring aromas of elderflower, papaya, cassis, passion fruit and kumquat artfully paired with the surprise amuse-bouche of the day. This will be followed by an innovative combination of wood-fired cornbread, blue maize bratzeli, tomato chakalaka, pickled grapes, sour cream, chives and Pinot Noir salt, presented in an African basket woven from vetiver roots. The savoury, fermented and fresh notes together with the nutty flavours of the bratzeli and cornbread are a great match for the wine.

“To elevate the umami characteristics of our 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon we offer sautéed abalone, locally and sustainably farmed and of sashimi grade – the ‘caviar’ of our region.  The abalone is served with red onion, parsley, chives and white wine foam, deep-fried capers and seaweed biltong. A perfect complement to the invigorating salty bouquet of the wine.

“Our next course – or chapter – is caponata tortellini with tomato confit glazed in a tomato velouté. This dish is the ideal partner for the 2018 Creation Reserve Chardonnay with its highlights of fragrant lime blossom and fresh grapefruit. The intensity of flavour and elegance of the wine are echoed in the dish.

“Then on to the delectable sumac chicken breast served with pickled onions, king oyster mushroom, deep-fried leek, fig and asparagus. Our Prince of Reds, the velvety 2019 Reserve Pinot Noir with its evocative perfume of Indonesian mace blending with enchanting flavours of fresh raspberry and black cherry performs magic with this course.

“With veggies becoming ever more popular with those conscious of the environment, and bearing the spirit of harvest in mind, we paired our Rhône-style Syrah, Grenache blend with pan-seared aubergine, parmesan purée, basil, pine nuts and parsley sauce. The full-bodied, intense flavours of plum, white pepper, tapenade and umami are a beautiful enhancement.

“The Creation Grenache Noir, Viognier Rosé is the perfect companion to the dessert comprising plum gel, yuzu and framboise espuma and chocolate shards. Rosy coral in colour, the wine is a magnificent visual match while its big berry bouquet makes this a sensational culinary experience.

“At Creation we love surprises as you will discover when partaking in our new Harvest Love Story adventure,” concludes Carolyn. Without giving away too much, she hints at a friandise platter of many delights and, to really bring you the heart of the harvest, freshly picked grapes showcasing the cultivar of the day.

The Harvest Love Story of Creation Pairing Menu at R795 per person includes seven courses, seven wines and a tasting of any other Creation wines of your choice.

Click here to download the menu and here to book.

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