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Wijnacademie from Netherlands visit to Creation wines

Marga Merks

My name is Marga Merks – née Van Boort – my husband John and I own a beautiful wine shop in the centre of the Netherlands. I am the fourth generation Van Boort to own the shop. It was established in 1905 by my great grandmother to sell her own home-made spirits and liqueurs. After a few years they started to import wines from Europe which came in wooden barrels and were bottled at our warehouse.

During our stay in South Africa, together with the Wijnacademie, we got to know the wines of Creation. We were amazed at the food and wine pairing during the lunch we enjoyed there.

Iris de Hertogh

My name is Iris de Hertogh, since 2003 in cooperation with cuisinier Luc van Iersel

in a classic French restaurant named La Provence. In my daily profession I receive our guests, take care of them and advise them on wine and food pairing. We have almost 8 000 bottles in our wine cellar. Most are from the Old World, we buy and import them ourselves. Some are left to rest but most of our wines are on the wine list which comprises 350 wines. And of course I bought some wines when I was at your beautiful Creation Estate.


Creation Wines Pairing wines and tasty food

Sauvignon Semillon 2018

On the nose flavours of a ground fallen apple, touch of wood and some grapefruit/lemon. We even tasted some green notes. On the palate the denseness of the Semillon imparts roundness and a nice rich complexity. A lingering, fresh aftertaste.

The pairing with Capers, Abalone and White Foam of Seaweed makes for a wonderful combination.

Chenin Blanc – Cool climate – 2017

On the nose more floral than fruity, very pure. Aromas of jasmine, honey and quince with hints of lemon marmalade and lanolin. Light on the palate with some acidity and flavours of lemon, lime, pear and juicy yellow fruit. The aftertaste has a nice freshness with lemon flavours balanced with rich hints due to the lees ageing.

We would like to pair this wine with a mashed potato dish, filled with paksoi vegetables, shiitake and seaweed crunch, just a little bit of soya and some crispy bacon.

Chardonnay Reserve 2017

Ripe rich white fruit on the nose with some lemon hints, just a small touch of oak that

gives this sophisticated wine a medium body. A long aftertaste with nice acidity, slightly salty with some minerals.

We found the pairing dish, Caponata Tortellini, too concentrated. The dish overwhelmed the

wine. We missed freshness. Half a portion of the caponata would be more than enough. The wine doesn’t need a full-flavoured dish because of its own beauty.

Our suggestion is: Pasta Vongole, parsley, salty butter, some drops of fresh peeled tomatoes.

Pinot Noir Reserve 2016

A slightly closed nose but the primary aromas of amarone cherry and dairy are there. The wine has a velvety texture with flavours of strawberry jam and well-balanced soft tannins and acidity.

The combination of Sumac Chicken Breast, Pickled Onions and King Oyster Mushroom is a perfect pairing!

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