A New Season Celebrating Hospitality

by | Sep 9, 2021

Welcoming our guests and understanding what they need and enjoy is what inspires us as a team. The world is constantly changing and instead of worrying about this, we believe in embracing new practices:  to lead, serve and learn from each other. Challenging as this may be, we are upskilling all the time. Sometimes this can create tension and discomfort but the rewards are more than worth it!

Last week we were creating an in-store movie for one of our clients. On the fourth edit, Louis said to me: “Sorry for getting irritated, we’re taking steps to grow in this. We’ll get good at it.” He then decided to solicit a friend’s help to learn to storyboard a movie. I so look forward to having the lesson this week. I think Chris, our videographer and movie editor, is even more.

The team have been setting out their goals. Here are some I would like to share with you:

Often what interests you, interests us too and the result is innovation. Desirene wants to develop her radar to better understand the triggers that spark your excitement. If you have any tips for Desirene, or reference material for learning, she would welcome your feedback.

Monique wants to become our ‘Phillip of Wine and Food Pairing’. All I can say is that she is well on her way. Perhaps spend more time with the chefs in the kitchen, checking their techniques and doing more tastings, Monique? Practice is the discomfort just before change happens.

Admin is a part of any job, and sometimes we lack the nuts and bolts. Brenda wants to improve her computer skills. We have found a course in Hermanus but being a BC child myself, I will really appreciate any hints and tips from you regarding great online courses.

Speaking about online learning and where you may be able to help: my friends at Close the Gap refurbished 1 million laptops around the world for online learning during the lockdown. If you have any written-off IT assets and wish to data wipe them and put them to good use, please contact Kathlynn Hinnekens at +27 766 438 413 or Kathlynn.hinnekens@close-the-gap.org. Let’s help communities become more computer-savvy and close the gap. Click here to find out more.

Back to our team’s goals. Artwell wants to introduce you to the Creation Reserve and the Art of Creation ranges. He has become an accomplished taster and host at Creation and is part of the Swirl and Sip tasting group in Zwehile, led by Simba Chiduku.

And then there is Abongile who is presently gaining valuable experience working as an intern at Kasteel Engelenburg in the Netherlands. Abongile writes: “I want to thank the management at Creation for sending me to the Netherlands. It has opened a whole new world to me. It gives new meaning to the expression of an actual new world. I am fascinated by the attention to detail and the high standards here in Europe. I appreciate Charl van Wyk for his expertise, bounce new ideas off him, and exchange my new learnings with him. I cannot wait to plough back the knowledge I have gained in such a short period. I see now why Creation management is so visionary. Their strategy to send workers to gain from the best is an investment in the future, eventually strengthening Hermanus as a tourism destination.”

We only get better by collaborating and partnering with you, our suppliers and our friends both locally and worldwide. Thank you for supporting and investing in our team and our community whenever you visit. We love your company and your generosity of spirit.

Greetings from Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge

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