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Creation Heritage Menu: A story of South African Culinary Innovation

“Amidst the chaos, we were determined to remain calm and to take care of our team and our clients,” says Creation co-owner Carolyn Martin about the recent ban on alcohol. “While we were looking forward to welcoming our guests back, we wanted to give them the complete Creation Experience. And this experience would simply not have been complete without our award-winning wines. That’s why we’re only reopening now that the ban on wine sales has been lifted.”

This however doesn’t mean that the Creation team has been resting on their laurels. In fact, they have been as innovative and proactive as always, reaching out to their clients in a variety of virtual ways whilst planning a truly magnificent celebration once their doors are open again. And now the time has come: announcing the unique Creation Heritage Pairing Menu which according to Carolyn is set to honour our nation’s diverse cultures and rich heritage. “Food has a wonderful way of evoking memories – of sharing, feasting, loving and caring.”

The Creation Culinary Team comprises a multicultural tapestry, bringing titillating variety and creativity to their offerings.  Based on the belief that what grows together, goes together, the Heritage Menu blends a wealth of nostalgic tastes and textures with an even greater dollop of innovation and imagination.  In creating the menu, the team worked with a doctor who is a nutritionist and a specialist in general wellbeing. “We’ve innovated our most loved dishes to bring our guests healthier options packed with layers of flavour and perfectly paired with our wines,” says Carolyn.

To welcome you is the crisp and tangy Creation Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc. Why Chenin? Well, as Clifford Roberts puts it: “If there’s a Ground Zero for South African wine, it must be Chenin Blanc. Few varieties have tracked our history from the start, become as ubiquitous and emerged as a shining light.”

For Chapter 1 of the menu Chef Abongile has chosen Umfino, a traditional Xhosa dish which reminds him of his mother’s wise words: “Always watch where you walk as there are many valuable plants that can be used in Umfino. If people in South Africa know about this healthy dish, there would be less hunger.” Abongile ‘modernised’ the dish with peppadews, sunflower seeds, goat’s milk cheese and a variety of herbs and greens to perfectly pair with the crisp, fresh Creation Sauvignon Blanc.

Chapter 2 was inspired by the yummy curry of Chef Anthean’s childhood. His inventive Fish Seedloaf Bunny Chow reflects some of the exciting culinary cultures of our country: Cape Malay Pickled Fish, Cape Seedloaf and Indian Mango Achar. The dish is served with the Creation Viognier, with the spicy fish electrifying the marvellous fruit aromatics of the wine and the curry sauce in harmony with the creamy mouthfeel of the Viognier.

Chef Eleanor’s Strawberry Sorghum Salad is not only scrumptious but has a wealth of health benefits as sorghum is a source of no less than 12 nutrients. Indigenous organic rooibos and sour fig (‘suurvytjie’) leaves add both ‘feel-good’ and flavour which is beautifully complemented by the big berry bouquet of the vivacious Creation Rosé.

What would a South African heritage menu be without waterblommetjies? Chef Jean harvests them fresh from the Creation dam, adding his creative magic to bring you an irresistible Waterblommetjie Risotto served with home-grown Num Num Pickle. The accompanying Creation Pinot Noir is all about texture and aroma and so is this dish.

To partner the umami-rich Creation Syrah, Grenache, Chef Jean has picked Overberg lamb which he smokes with rooibos and wild rosemary and grills on a griddle pan. The succulent lamb is served with Macerated Tomato and Chakalaka Sauce, the latter a spicy relish that has its origins in South Africa’s mining fraternity.

Chapter 6 of the Creation Heritage Menu features the ever chic, ever versatile Creation Chardonnay. It is served with two South African stalwarts: Koesisters and Malva Pudding. Koesisters are one of Chef Marcel’s family favourites. “My mother taught me how to make them and we used to enjoy them on a Sunday morning for breakfast.” A novel touch is the traditional Swiss Basler Leckerli which is aptly served in honour of Cellarmaster Jean-Claude’s heritage.

At Creation Wines originality rules! Comprising six palate-pampering courses or chapters, artfully paired with Creation’s award-winning wines, the Heritage Pairing Menu is a delightful fusion of cultures and backgrounds, inputs and outputs. Be sure to make a reservation at, tel: 028 212 1107. Please specify your dietary requirements: standard, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian.


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