The latest innovation in Creation wine estate’s food and wine offering has recently been launched – the Creation Sensation Tasting Experience. Aimed at stimulating your sensory nerves and heightening your sense of taste and smell, it promises to be an amazing pairing adventure.

Employing unconventional ‘appetisers’, our Creation Culinary Team looks forward to surprising your taste buds in ways you’ve probably never experienced before. For instance, the gentle brush of a guinea fowl feather to awaken your senses to the pleasures of texture and touch, music to stir not only the soul but also the palate, and then, who would have thought that wine and perfume have so much in common?

Co-owner and Marketing Director of Creation, Carolyn Martin says ‘The Creation Sensation experience is a mindful activity, raising awareness of, and pleasure in the here and now by engaging your senses to the full.

Do we also taste with our eyes? Undeniably, as Chapter 2 of our delectable new Creation Sensation Tasting Experience sets out to illustrate. With initial feedback from guests being wholly positive, the menu is guaranteed to excite the taste buds in ways you’ve probably never experienced before. And the great news is that you can also enjoy it virtually through our online platform.

The menu comprises six delectable courses or chapters, with Chapter 2 focusing on Hue and Intensity. Sight has a significant impact on the perception of wine. Have you ever tasted wine from a black glass? Or did you know that white plates enhance sweet flavours in food, while black plates enhance savoury flavours and red plates make you eat less? Based on these facts, it figures that besides guessing what you might be drinking from a black glass, since you cannot determine the colour of the wine, the hue of the glass or the colour of your surroundings, it also changes your perception of taste. Exciting, or what?

As an aside, one of the reasons Creation uses Riedel varietal-specific crystal glassware for our on-site tastings is because clear, cold-cut crystal glasses best showcase the colour of our wines.

But back to Chapter 2 of our menu. Paired with the generously fruity, delightfully fresh Creation Chardonnay is an Heirloom Gazpacho with Chickpea Tuile and Basil – a vertical or contrasting pairing with a riot of colour and brimful of flavour. A Salad Niçoise is the second part of the pairing dish with the gold, white, green and yellow colours of the salad complementing those of the wine – a horizontal or matching pairing of colour.

During the tasting a Snellen chart is used to measure visual acuity. It is amazing to note that as you go through a character recognition process, your sense of smell improves since the optic and olfactory nerves are right next to each other. Stimulate the one, and you stimulate the other. Just for the fun of it we have also taken the colours of all the wines on the menu and created a word pattern to see if you have a colour recognition deficiency— the Ishihara test.

So is taste in the eye of the beholder? Early on in life, we begin to associate colours with flavours. Before we taste something, we usually assess what it is by its appearance. And thus colour perception has a significant impact on flavour.


So we do taste with our eyes. But do we also taste with our nose? Again, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. What better proof than Chapter 3 of our Creation Sensation Tasting Experience titled ‘The Perfume of Wine’. This course pairs the delightfully aromatic Creation Pinot Noir with a feast of flavour: Dill Cured Trout, Labneh, Sago, Black Garlic, and Turnip.

It must be remembered that no less than 80% of flavour is aroma and the rest is taste. Aromas affect the brain in the hippocampus, the seat of memory, as well as the amygdala, which governs emotions.

The climate where Creation Pinot Noir is grown is of great importance. The cooling influence of the ocean coupled with the high diurnal range creates a wine of finesse, where delicate and tantalising aromas or scents develop over time. Deeply evocative and beguilingly sensual, our fragrant Creation Pinot Noir has now inspired The Perfume of Wine, Creation’s Signature Scent. It is a construct of seven meticulously sourced essential oils, with at its heart a precious secret component.

Among the aromas you will discover are:

  • Ginger: A high note to create frisson and elevate the senses.
  • Violet leaf: A heart note with enchanting floral and ozonic notes to soothe the senses.
  • Vetiver: A base note, earthy and fresh as a forest, a tranquillity aroma.

The Perfume of Wine is a collaboration between Creation and Tamsin Koen of Just Pure, with some exquisite insights from environmentalist, David Pepler. Click here to order your limited edition eau de parfum. We have also assembled an exclusive mixed case of our three Pinot Noir wines which can be ordered here.

For more further enquiries please contact Carolyn Martin


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