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Experience the Enticing Scents of Summer

The evocative fragrance of a sprig of oregano; the alluring bouquet of a crisp Sauvignon Blanc. Experience Creation this summer and celebrate life!

A wholesome, tactile experience of aroma, taste, texture and colour. This is how Creation co-owner Carolyn Martin describes the estate’s latest pairing menu, to be launched on Wednesday, 1 December 2021. Simply titled ‘Experience Creation’, Carolyn says the menu brims with the scents and secrets of an Overberg summer and all the joys of fresh, wholesome, locally sourced produce. “To this our inventive culinary team add their ever-innovative seasoning of authenticity to surprise and delight our guests.”

According to Carolyn the new Experience Creation Menu is as nutritious as it is delicious. “Our guests appreciate curated experiences and often comment on how wonderful it is to come across wines and food that are artfully, thoughtfully and lovingly made by hand. Their feedback plays an important role in the development of our offerings and lately, more and more guests have indicated their preference for fresh, wholesome cuisine.”

The menu comprises seven courses, each creatively paired with the perfect cool-climate Creation wine. A shining example is thefreshest of local Langekloof Trout Sashimi with Togarashi, Coconut and Chives. This is served with the chic and charming Creation Chardonnay, with the nutrient-rich trout beautifully offset by the fresh minerality in the wine.

Another example of Creation pairing magic is the Exotic Mushrooms with Truffle Dressing enhanced by the crisp Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc. The quince, apple and citrus notes in the wine provide an excellent foil for the earthy and umami elements in the mushrooms and truffle, offering an eclectic feast of contrasting yet mutually enhancing flavours.

A fabulous palate cleanser is the Watermelon Tomato Gazpacho which is paired with the Creation Rosé. The soup matches the wine in colour, mouthfeel and flavour. Fun and savoury, fresh and fruity and chilled to perfection – roll on summer vibes …

Course 5 on the menu offers Springbok Loin, Goat’s-Milk Cheese and Leek Flan, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Blackberries and Pancetta. “This umami-rich dish makes the Creation Pinot Noir shine,” says Carolyn. “The earthy, tart undertones of the raspberry vinaigrette and blackberries echo the berry flavours in the wine while the creamy richness of the goat’s-milk cheese complements the silky texture of the wine.”

Vivaldi in a glass, anyone? This is how the vivacious Creation Viognier is described and it is in joyful harmony with the vibrant Apricot Tart with Coconut Gelato, Meringue and Lemon Verbena served as dessert. “At this stage the table is prettily adorned with sprigs of lemon verbena and the lively notes of jasmine, honeysuckle, apricot, white peach and cream in the wine makes music to the delightfully light and fresh dessert,” explains Carolyn.

The Experience Creation Menu comprises seven courses and seven wines at R695.00 pp. Click here to see the complete menu. Booking is essential – please make your reservation at, tel: 028 212 1107. Please specify your dietary requirements: standard, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian.


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