Makes 10

Enjoy with the Creation Chardonnay


360 g flour

25 g butter

8 g salt

50 g sugar

20 g fresh yeast

230 ml cold milk

225 g butter



zest of 3 oranges

10 g mixed spice

20 g dark chocolate chips

20 g sultanas

In a stand mixer knead together the flour, salt, sugar, cold milk and yeast for about 10 minutes. Add the 25 g butter. Shape dough into a ball and let it prove (bowl wrapped) for 1 hour.

Cut 225 g butter into slabs and shape in a square zip lock bag that fits the butter. Refrigerate.

Knead down the dough again.

Shape in a smooth ball and cut a cross in the center of the dough.

Split it open to form a square.

Wrap with plastic and place in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Remove butter from fridge and take it out of the zip lock bag while firm.

Leave slab on a cutting board to get to room temperature.

Remove the pastry from the freezer after 30 minutes.

Roll with rolling pin in an upwards motion to get a long rectangle 3 times the size of the butter slab.

Place the butter slab in the center of the pastry and encase the slab with the overhanging dough. Make sure it is properly encased.

Roll the pastry with the butter to 3 times the length, making sure the butter spreads evenly.

Fold 3 times onto each other. Repeat this process another 5 times.

Roll out the pastry into a long rectangular shape, long enough to cut 10 croissants.

Sprinkle with the mixed spice, sultanas, chocolate chips and orange zest, making sure each croissant is covered with enough of the three ingredients.

Roll into crescent shapes.

Glaze with egg wash (3 egg yolks, 50 ml cream) and prove for 1 hour.

Mix some flour with water to form a smooth paste.

Before placing the proved croissants in the oven, pipe a cross on each.

Bake at 200° C for 6 minutes and at 170° C for 6 minutes, rotating the tray halfway through.

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