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Fine Wine: the Future

For me it started when I was about three years old, tasting at the dining room table with my parents and grandparents at Sunday lunch. Then at five, I conducted a wine tasting with guests when I couldn’t find my grandmother to do so! Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I tasted with my dad when blending. When I turned 16, Dad gave me a special bottle of wine: Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche. It was a fine wine indeed.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been attending the ARENI Global Fine Wine Conference. In preparation, I had to answer some questions which triggered the following thought process.

What is fine wine? A generic answer would be that it is not of poor quality, nor made in bulk or widely distributed. To me, fine wine is the highest quality wine from a region or terroir.  It begins with the place where we plant the vineyards, soil preparation, exceptional viticultural standards throughout the growing season, and winemaking skills. The spirit of fine wine is in its culture and provenance; it’s about character and personality

There is globally a growing awareness of the need for sustainability. This is  largely due to resource scarcity, climate change impact and social inequality. More and more consumers interrogate luxury items, for example fine wines and luxury resorts, through a stricter lens of quality and exclusivity as opposed to pure aspiration and opulence.

Quoting from the ARENI Global briefing document, our ecosystem is facing external pressures and internal disruptions, from climate change and the battle for land and water, to politicians, policy makers and investors increasingly failing to differentiate between fine wine and other alcohol.

The future of fine wine is about consumers venturing to the place where it is grown to discover the ‘terroir’, which includes the people who make it and grow it. To know that the source is all that it says it is and more. To confirm that the brand you support is committed to sustainability, including its environment, people, community and you.

Looking at the future of fine wine, what excites me most here at Creation is the challenge of sustainability. Our estate is situated in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, in one of the most biodiverse wine regions in the world. It is our responsibility to preserve our precious natural environment for generations to come through sound and regenerative practices. This commitment to sustainability is symbiotic, also encompassing the Creation team, our community and our clients.

Allow me to refer back to my childhood tasting and blending experiences with my dad, a champion winemaker and winner of many awards. I was a curious child with inquiring senses and what I remember most vividly is my utter delight at discovering the kaleidoscope of flavours to be found in one single swirl. I’m convinced that inter-generational tasting experiences, such as the ones I often see in the Creation Tasting Room, help develop new generations with consideration and respect for fine wine, its origins and the people who farm the land.

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