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Situated in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom, we are blessed with one of the most biodiverse wine regions in the world. Our passion is to preserve our natural environment for generations to come through sound practices that not only maintain but also renew. To this end, we are committed to participating in, and supporting leading scientific initiatives in our industry. These include ClimaVin, a global climate change project spearheaded by Stellenbosch University, and Vititec’s GEN-Z project involving new plantings of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Among our many investments in sustainability is the virus-free programme that we embarked upon twenty years ago.  At Creation we plant vineyards to grow old. But virus-free not only means improved longevity; it also means improved quality as Cellarmaster Jean-Claude likes to point out: “Healthy vineyards yield healthy grapes which help us to produce world-class wines.” Put differently, one needs the best ingredients in the kitchen to produce quality dishes; the same applies in the cellar.

To Creation Viticulturist, Gerhard Bruwer, one of the most exciting aspects of planting virus-free material is that one cultivates a block only once in your lifetime. “From there on, all the effort required is to give the plant the best chance to grow the best grapes, becoming ultra-premium wines, each and every year, generation after generation. The prospect of re-planting, because of bad virus status, never crosses your mind again!”

Earlier this week we had a visit from Vititec scientist, Henry Slabbert and his team. To quote Henry: “[At Vititec] we have a formidable programme to combat the leafroll virus and register mother blocks. We inspect them and maintain them to ensure their virus-free status. What is unique to Creation is that it was a new vineyard area until we started the virus-free planting in 2003. That means we have been able to plant with clean material, and keep it clean by following the correct procedures to mitigate the virus. We are thankful that the Creation owners and viticultural team genuinely understand the long-term significance from a sustainability point of view for South Africa’s vineyards.”

Manager André Morgenthal of the Old Vine Project echoes the long-term significance of virus-free plantings, saying that it is encouraging to see how producers are thinking ahead for generations to come. As pioneers in the field of virus-free vines, we at Creation are proud to be making a contribution. During our winter pruning, the virus-free canes are bundled to be used for the propagation of clean vines for local nurseries.

It is a great truth that sustainability requires innovation. To stay at the forefront we are constantly implementing new means of maintaining and preserving the precious ecological balance on our farm. The development of our ‘Walks-in-Progress’ project involves the rehabilitation of our natural vegetation while additional environmentally friendly practices include armies of wasps and ladybirds to control pests in the vineyard.

With a focus on making our buildings healthier at a microbial level, we have recently installed a beautiful and environmentally friendly biome at the entrance to our Tasting Room. I’m confident that our new indoor garden is already making a marked difference, not only aesthetically but with a variety of other benefits such as improved air quality, fresh forest floor aromas, uplifting the ambience and increasing productivity and wellbeing. Inviting nature in has also made a distinct change to the acoustics of our Tasting Room. It is a known fact that hard surfaces deflect sound waves while soft surfaces, as created by the plants in our biome, absorb them. By reducing the background noises we’ve created a gentle, relaxing mood for our guests to enjoy.

Creation is one of only nine wineries in South Africa to have received EnviroWines accreditation and we were recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence as a WWF Conservation Champion. We are currently working on initiatives with WWF to promote sustainable wine tourism. We are also collaborating with the Grootbos Foundation on their exciting Grootbos Florilegium project which is intended to celebrate and honour the Cape Floral Kingdom in the southern Overberg as a valuable botanical heritage.

For further sustainability news, do watch the CNN programme flighting on DStv channel 401 from Saturday, at 07.30 and 13.30; on Sunday at 00:30, 05.00 and 19.30 and on Monday at 03.30 (all CAT).















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