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Our new seasonal harvest menu, Taste the Terroir, is almost ready to be savoured and what a feel-good feast it promises to be! In creating it we’ve strived to reflect our love for our farm, our region and for what we do. While the menu is a celebration of our 2022 vintage, it also celebrates harvest on the farms around us, showcasing the fresh, locally sourced ingredients we so proudly serve at the Creation table.

With February being the month of love, the natural attraction for our team is undoubtedly the vineyards. They simply love harvest time; it is a culmination of months and years of dedication and a joyous salutation to Mother Nature. To ensure that she is not undermined by the vagaries of Eskom, our recently installed Rolls Royce generator is at the ready!

When it comes to harvesting, timing is of the essence and here in our cool-climate region, patience is the name of the game. In another two weeks or so the Chardonnay should be just right for the picking. Gently, by hand and in the early hours before dawn while the cool of the night still envelopes the perfectly ripe fruit.

Our Pinot Noir is expected to ripen some ten days later than last year. This implies cooler nights over the final ripening period and therefore a highly desired, enhanced acid structure in the fruit. To me, natural acidity is to wine what seasoning is to a dish. But that’s another story …

It is a long-standing truism in our industry that wine is made in the vineyard. It is here where our farm manager, Gerhard Bruwer, plays such a crucial role, ensuring that the first part of the harvest is perfect for Gerhard Smith, our winemaker, to take over. The latter is very positive about the harvest: “The initial samples show the benefits of a long and cold winter. This means even ripening and developed phenolic ripeness, lignified pips and high natural acidity.”

Here’s what some of the other team members have to say:

“The vineyards are in good shape and the quality of the grapes is there. We’re expecting a good vintage and I trust we can make Creation and also ourselves proud.” – Kirsten Myburgh

Urle Hansen reminds one that you can make excellent wine from good grapes and you can make bad wine from good grapes. “But you can’t make excellent wine from bad grapes. In the cellar we always try to enhance the terroir.”

Catherine Deez’s enthusiasm is palpable: “We can’t wait to start the big harvesting and will do our best to ensure all our hard work pays off and that Creation comes out top once again!”

What does Cellarmaster Jean-Claude Martin have to say? Ever the pragmatist, he cautions never to count the chickens before they hatch. “We are always at the mercy of Mother Nature and must honour and respect that. Every wine vintage happens but once in a lifetime and no vintage is ever the same.”

After all is said and done, we as a team can never become complacent, always taking our cue from the source: Nature. The harvest epitomises Creation innovation in motion, requiring a great deal of resourcefulness and agility. At the same time, it affords us the great joy of bringing you wines to gladden the heart and inspire the senses.

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