The inventive Creation Culinary Team has done it again: creating a menu to delight – and surprise – the senses. Titled ‘Return to Nature’, the wholesome and meticulously balanced menu comprises six courses, each paired with an award-winning Creation wine. Who would have thought healthy could be so tasty?

According to pairing fundi Carolyn Martin, the menu is inspired by Ayurveda. “In Sanskrit ayur means ‘life’ and veda means ‘knowledge’. Therefore, Ayurveda means ‘The Knowledge of Life’. Our health relies on our harmony and balance with the elements and nature by its very essence heals us.”

Showcasing the fresh produce from neighbours in the Overberg, the menu is specially designed for winter. What’s more, the courses are thoughtfully served in a sequence that optimises your blood sugar levels. “We refer to this as ‘Intelligent, Informed and Inspired Meal Planning’,” says Carolyn. The experience is enhanced by elements from the terroir to symbolise returning to nature: for instance a vine stalk, a porcupine quill, a quartz stone.

Although 80% of the menu is plant based, it also features fresh local fish, free-range chicken and springbok from sustainable sources.  Starting with an appetiser which is a digestion as well as an immunity booster, the menu unfolds to offer a range of courses or chapters, as delicious as they are nutritious.

For Chapter 1 you are treated to Nature’s Nutrient Soup, flavourful and full of phytonutrients and vitamin C. Served with Herb Bratzeli and Green Rosti, the course is rich in texture and in beautiful harmony with the multifaceted Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon blend.

Chapter 2 consists of Steamed Fish on a small bed of Curry Sprouted Lentils with a fresh Ceviche Dressing and garnished with segments of Citrus Fruit. These irresistible flavours are complemented by the vivacious Creation Viognier, Roussanne blend.

The menu is subtitled ‘Innovative Nostalgia’, and Chapter 3 offers you just that: Coq au Chardonnay! As the name indicates, the dish is slow cooked, not in red wine but in Chardonnay. Perfect for winter, with the saffron – known as the ‘happy spice’ – acting as a mood enhancer. Add a glass of the single-vineyard Creation Reserve Chardonnay and oh, what joy to the senses …

Chapter 4 brings yet another surprise: a gentle hand massage with CBD oil before you are served succulent Springbok Loin with Beetroot and Garden Herbs. Pure luxury with the velvety smooth Creation Reserve Pinot Noir.

With Chapter 5 you even get a secret sensorial souvenir to take home! The course showcases the ever romantic Creation Estate Pinot Noir with its bevy of seductive red berries, here in happy combination with a gorgeous dessert of Choux au Puff with zesty Raspberry Gel.

Chapter 6 brings another sweet temptation: melt-in-the-mouth Cape Vintage Praline paired with a glass of the Creation Fine Cape Vintage.  A pelargonium flower accentuates the floral aromatics of the wine, and the refreshing acidity of the wine cuts through the richness of the chocolate.

“Healthy eating options matter to our valued guests and we want the Creation experience to be a feel-good one. By combining our cool-climate wines with the freshest of produce sourced from our local farmers and fishermen, we’ve created a wholesome recipe for the ultimate sensorial – and emotional – experience,” concludes Carolyn.

Creation’s Return to Nature Pairing Menu can be enjoyed at R795 pp. Booking is essential – please make your reservation at, tel: 028 212 1107 and specify your dietary requirements: standard, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian.


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