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Smoked Duxelles, Pickled Shimeji, King Oyster Mushrooms and Truffle Dressing 

Enjoy with the Creation Cool-climate Chenin Blanc
Yields 10 portions

Smoked duxelles
1 kg button mushrooms, cut into small cubes
2 small brown onions
1 clove garlic, finely chopped
50 ml oil
half a handful tarragon leaves
1 tablespoon wood chips for smoking
salt to taste
In a small pot, heat up the oil and sweat the onions and garlic.  Add the mushrooms and cook until all the moisture has evaporated. Transfer to a tray with a double layer of aluminium foil, big enough to cover. Leave it slightly open. Ignite the wood chips in a pan and make sure it is lit. Pour into the open part of the tray, cover fully and let it smoke for about 20 minutes. Add finely chopped tarragon and season to taste.

King oyster mushrooms
5 king oyster mushrooms
50 ml oil
2 g salt
Prepare the mushrooms by slicing the tops off and trimming into a rectangular shape. Then slice into two equal halves (vertically). Score and bake in a pan with the oil over medium heat until golden brown. Season with salt.

1 packet 100g shimeji mushrooms
50 ml soy sauce
Trim the mushrooms to 3 cm long, removing the stem part. Sear slightly and soak in the soy sauce in a small bowl. Keep at room temperature.

Mushroom purée
250 g button mushrooms (or off-cut mushrooms)
250 g coconut cream
salt to taste
Place the mushrooms and coconut cream in a saucepan.  Simmer on medium heat until all the moisture has evaporated.  Blend until smooth in a blender. Add salt to taste. Transfer to a piping bag and keep warm.

Parsley and truffle dressing
125 g apple juice
60 g sushi vinegar
salt to taste
1 handful parsley
1 knife tip xanthan gum
250 ml Canola Oil
25 ml truffle oil

Blend everything in a blender except the oils and the xanthan. Strain juice through a sieve, then pour juice back into the cleaned blender jug with the xanthan and the oils. Blend until emulsified.

1 knife tip wholegrain mustard
1 parsley leaf
1 thin slice pickled onion
To assemble
Start by warming up the duxelles in a pot. Use 1 tablespoon and mould it inside a round cookie cutter, about 6 cm wide. Squeeze about a tablespoonful of mushroom purée over, then place the baked king oyster mushroom on top, vertically. Arrange two shimeji mushrooms, pickled onion, wholegrain mustard and parsley leaf on top of the king oyster mushroom.  Pour about a tablespoonful of truffle dressing in a small puddle next to the mushroom stack.


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