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Starring: Seductive Sauvignon Blanc

This week the spotlight is on that seductive, appetite-teasing and well-loved cultivar: Sauvignon Blanc. And that’s not only in observance of International Sauvignon Blanc Day on Friday, the 6th of May. At Creation the favourable comments issuing from the vineyard team certainly indicate that the 2022 vintage is well worth a celebration. “The quality of the grapes was exceptional and one could once again see Mother Nature’s kindness to us,” says Viticulturist Gerhard Bruwer.  To purchase the 2022 Creation Sauvignon Blanc, please click here.

Rise to Stardom

Gone are the days when Sauvignon Blanc was regarded as merely a refreshing, easy-drinking white. It has become South Africa’s biggest selling category of white wine and quality South African Sauvignons do very well in an international context indeed. In short:  as one of the world’s most recognisable aromatic cultivars, our Sauvignon Blanc now enjoys top tier popularity status – and well deserved!

A Taste of Cool

Creation Sauvignon Blanc is created from five different clones planted on low to medium vigour rootstock. The vines are planted in clay-derived Bokkeveld shale soils on south-facing slopes cooled by sea breezes and receiving gentle morning sun. Due to the cooler climate, the yields are moderate, normally between 5 and 7 ton per hectare. According to Cellarmaster Jean-Claude Martin an exciting feature of his cool-climate Sauvignon Blanc is that you get the flavour profile of tropical fruit without losing minerality and freshness. “Therefore, we regard our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean as well as our lofty altitude above sea level as terroir conditions not only suitable for great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but also for high quality Sauvignon Blanc.”

Minerality Rules!

The Creation Sauvignon Blanc is generously aromatic with alluring scents of passion fruit, ripe pineapple, papaya and elderflower blooming from the glass. On the palate clean minerality rules; opening up to echo the generosity promised on the nose and leading to an unexpected and delightful hint of blackcurrant which combines with a refreshing squirt of lemon zest.

Sauvignon Blanc is also a component of our elegant white Bordeaux-style blend. The Creation Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon delights with an invigorating salty bouquet, reminiscent of the fresh sea breezes caressing our vineyards. This is complemented by the fresh tropical fruit flavours from the Sauvignon Blanc and the lovely lanolin-like character from the Semillon.   

That Mouth-watering Sensation

Creation Sauvignon Blanc: attractive minerality, natural acidity and well-balanced fruit combine to offer a luscious wine with zing and freshness. But that’s not all: even before tasting the wine, its come-hither scents make it an excellent precursor to a meal. This is mainly due to the passion fruit aromas produced by the 3-MH and 3-MHA thiols found in Sauvignon Blanc, releasing digestive enzymes to tease the appetite.

Once the appetite is titillated, what goes best with the Creation Sauvignon Blanc? Versatile and exceptionally food-friendly, the wine is particularly well suited to sushi and sashimi, beautifully complementing the umami, ginger and wasabi flavours. For the Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon blend, one of our culinary team’s favourite pairings is Steamed Hake, Turmeric Tahini Dressing, Pak Choi, Mustard Cress and Lime































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