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The Story of Creation

The story of Creation is as old as the hills – dating back to when Mother Nature created our lofty mountain slopes and undulating valleys, bestowing upon them exceptional winegrowing conditions. At the same time our story is as young as our state-of-the-art winery and as vibrant as our inspired team who contribute their passion and expertise to create a unique and authentic, terroir-expressive experience.

This vignette is of course only part of our story. The Creation narrative is also one of many challenges faced and overcome, of sheer hard work and, in line with our evocative name, of constant innovation. Today, two decades after JC and I first settled in our little piece of paradise, innovation still rules!

When establishing his first vines in 2002, JC had the foresight of planting only virus-free strains of the finest varietal clones. This made Creation the first South African wine estate to plant virus-free vines post 1994. Since healthy vineyards equal healthy grapes, this also ensured the future quality of our wines, especially our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, for which we have earned world acclaim.

November 2008 saw the completion of the Creation Tasting Room, heralding an exciting new chapter in the Creation story.  In combining winemaking prowess with culinary artistry, we have gained a proud reputation for our trendsetting wine and food pairings. In fact, our Tasting Room has become a hub of creativity, with much of the energy coming from our guests. Their feedback plays a major role in the development of the Creation Experience and understanding what they need and enjoy is what inspires us as a team.

To coincide with Creation’s 20th anniversary, we have recently introduced a new tagline – ‘Experience Creation’. This resonates on many levels:  our incredibly beautiful surroundings, our inventive wine and food pairings, the celebration of our award-winning wine portfolio. At the core of it all is our commitment to sustainability. This is reflected by the steadfast conservation of our natural surroundings as can be seen in our sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices.

Twenty years down the road and we’ve certainly come a long way. There’s so much for which to be grateful: the rich blessings of Mother Nature, the valued contributions of all of our stakeholders. Here I want to specially mention our loyal clients who’ve been supporting us through thick and thin. And of course our talented and dedicated team whose input has greatly contributed to achieving our place as No 10 on the World’s Best Vineyards list and No 1 in Africa and also to Creation winning the 2021 GWC Global Award for Innovative Wine Tourism Experiences.


.JC and I look forward to the next decade with great enthusiasm and faith. As the privileged custodians of our beautiful estate there is still so much more we can contribute and we are certainly blessed to have our children, Glenn and Emma by our side.

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