Tomorrow (21 April) is World Creativity and Innovation Day, but here at Creation we celebrate these attributes every day!  Firstly, we are inspired by listening to our clients who hail from all over the globe. We collaborate with leading scientists and academics, which results in further innovation, problem-solving and a better understanding of how to respond to nature. This spirit has shaped our vision and identity, resulting in a living, thinking wine estate pulsing with collective energy and creativity.

At Creation we love to:

Generate ideas that solve problems

Since 2017 it has been our privilege to be closely involved in the Pebbles Hemel-en-Aarde Education Project of which Creation is a founder member. The challenge was the lack of care and education facilities for local agricultural workers children. The solution included an after-school care facility, a nutrition programme, an early childhood development programme and in 2019 a private school for the Hemel-en-Aarde community. Today, thanks to generous donations from Pebbles Donors, Creation guests and clients, local and international businesses and friends, the project supports 120 children aged 1 to 13 and a recently opened Skills Development Centre for twenty 15 to 25-year-olds.

Look at the world differently

Looking at the world differently means expanding your horizons. Thanks to exchange programmes with leading establishments, locally and internationally, our chefs gain valuable work experience which they share with their colleagues on their return. They also have exposure to top international chefs who come to work in our kitchen. Wine and Wellness is an important part of the Creation ethos and additional knowledge and insight come from the team of nutritionists and sensory specialists with whom we collaborate. All of which enriches our team and consequently, the transformational experiences of our clients.

Collaborate and share innovative ideas

At Creation, innovation is a way of life and participating in scientific initiatives in our industry has been another gratifying aspect in our development. We now work with Stellenbosch University on global projects to predict and manage the response of ecosystems to climate change. We are also part of an exciting Vititec GEN-Z project to establish clones and rootstock best suited to tackling climate change.

Another initiative is in partnership with Professor Gabriel Lepousez, a neuroscientist from Sorbonne University. We intend to look at how we reverse engineer wine compounds from viticulture through to the fermentation process.

Embrace new cultures

Our guests come from all over the world and meeting them in the Tasting Room and listening to their ideas is where much of our innovation comes from. We are closely affiliated with Areni Global and regularly participate in global conferences and workshops on the Future of Fine Wine. To be surrounded by highly motivated and vibrant industry leaders from different cultural backgrounds provides stimulating food for thought.

The collective intelligence of our own diverse team triggers much of the innovation that is Creation. We encourage our chefs to celebrate their cultural heritage which results in our menus reflecting the exciting and dynamic fusion of our multicultural culinary team.

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