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Creation Sommelier Sojourn

Creation Wines recently hosted a group of nine of South Africa’s finest sommeliers during a two-day immersive experience in the heart of the Walker Bay Wine Region. This special event offered a unique opportunity for these wine experts to delve deeper into the Creation story, from vine to wine.

The journey began with the sommeliers travelling from Johannesburg and Durban to Hermanus. Following a visit to our former colleague Phillip Marais at his restaurant, Riposo in Onrus, the group geared up for a busy second day.

An early morning stroll along the scenic Hermanus cliff path led them to Molo, a local coffee shop, where they fueled up for the exciting day ahead.

Arriving at Creation, they joined JC on the harvest bus, ready to participate in the season’s very first Sauvignon Blanc grape picking. This hands-on experience provided a firsthand glimpse into the dedication and passion behind Creation’s wines.

The afternoon saw the sommeliers engaged in an insightful masterclass led by JC. They explored the diversity of Creation’s offerings through four curated flights, from the older Art of Chardonnays to the world-renowned Pinot Noirs. This in-depth tasting concluded with a delectable pairing experience.

Our guests then took a refreshing and well-deserved dip in the ocean before gathering for a lively braai with the harvest team. The evening provided a perfect opportunity for camaraderie and stimulating conversations about wine and the industry.

Bidding farewell to Creation, the group embarked on their journey home, making a mandatory stop at Peregrine Farm Stall along the way.

We thoroughly enjoyed hosting our friends from Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal and now look forward to extending a hearty welcome to the Cape Town sommeliers soon.

Here are some comments from our sommelier guests:

Chantal Bezuidenhoudt: “Creation Wines never fails to amaze. Sipping on world-class wines, indulging in fabulous food and basking in a picture-perfect setting – it’s simply perfection!”

Brian Braite Nhlanhla: “The Creation experience encompassed everything wonderful – breathtaking views, flourishing vines, exceptional wines, delectable food, and most importantly, the warm hospitality of the Creation team. It truly is a slice of heaven!”

Mduduzi Magwaza: “My first visit to the beautiful Creation farm was long overdue. The staff’s hospitality, particularly Carolyn and JC’s warm welcome, was truly special. I left with newfound knowledge and a newfound appreciation for Creation Wines – a sip I will always relish.”

Ndumiso Praise Mngadi: “Our memorable experience began the moment we arrived. The warmth, hospitality and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our visit were truly impressive. From the informative wine tasting to the insightful vineyard tour, everything showcased your dedication to crafting exceptional wines that embody the unique terroir of the Hemel-en-Aarde. Thank you for sharing your passion and commitment to excellence.”

Lethabo Pheladi: “Creation’s artistry is evident in every bottle, the beauty in every pour, and the story in every sip. Thank you for taking us on this flavourful journey. Here’s to a memorable harvest, exceptional wines, and lasting memories!”

Klaas Magalane: “A heartfelt thank you to JC, Carolyn and the Creation team for making us feel at home. Venturing into the vineyards was an experience I will cherish. Listening to JC speak about the wines with such passion was truly inspiring. Witnessing his enthusiasm firsthand while tasting the grapes during the harvest was truly special. I eagerly await my next visit to this exceptional estate.”

Newman Sigoga: “A million thank you’s for the invite, what an incredible experience I had. Daniela, thank you for organising accommodation for us, snacks and wines, coffee at Molo. Kenneth, our driver, thank you so much. Tasting Room team, wow, what an experience – Tinashe you are going far on your wine journey! JC, thank you for the vineyard tour, harvest, and thank you for the fantastic masterclass. Chef Eleanor, thank you for coming out of the kitchen (on a busy Monday lunch) and greet us. Nkulu, thank you for organising the sommeliers to experience a once in a lifetime occasion. Our tuk tuk drivers, I forgot their names, thank you so much. Carolyn, Monday’s braai was amazing, we thank you all. Wow, wow, I had a great time!”

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