Most, if not all companies and establishments have a motto, yet very few remember what it is. Creation, the home of innovation, not only lives it, breathes it, but redefines it.

Innovation can be simply changing what is already there, to update it. Creation takes ideas, concepts and ideals from all walks of life, filters it through their immense experience and comes forth with something absolutely ground-breaking.

I was blessed to have started my own hospitality journey at Creation, fresh out of butler school. I have since worked in palaces, yachts and mansions all over the world. Having returned to South Africa to train and consult in the hospitality sector, there is no greater honour than getting the chance to go back to where I started, helping others to grow and flourish.

I believe in modern hospitality; long gone are the days of strict formal meals. Yet I feel dissatisfied with the hole-in-the-wall establishments. A blend of manners, cleanliness, incredible food and wine, and above all, staff with warm hearts who really care for you as a patron, that is what is most exciting to me.

We spent two days training at Creation with subjects such as etiquette, updated vocabulary, and the true meaning of respect, not only for others, but also for yourself.

Creation not only sets the standard for sustainability, but for the growth of everyone who works there, and I cannot be more proud of the entire Creation family. Their staff training not only benefits the company, but each individual’s personal development.

This results in exceptional service to every guest who crosses the fynbos pathway to the front door of the tasting room, where they are greeted with a warm “welcome to Creation, the home of innovation”. – Etienne Zeeman, Jack of Diamonds

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