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Roussanne Viognier

Abalone Sushi

Enjoy with the Creation Viognier, Roussanne Sushi Rice 1 kg sushi rice 3 and a half cups water 3 tbsp sugar 2 tsp salt 125 ml sushi vinegar Wash sushi rice in a drum sieve until most of the starch is off. Add to rice cooker with water. Cook until the yellow light goes on, then switch the rice cooker off at the plug. Leave the lid on and steam for another 10 minutes. Remove the rice with a paddle, taking care not…

Pan-fried Sweetbreads, Curry Spiced Lentils, Mango Salsa and Labneh

Enjoy with the Creation Grenache Noir, Viognier Rosé Yields 10 portions   Sweetbread: 600 g sweetbread 1 L milk 2 L vegetable oil 250 g chickpea flour 1 tbsp curry powder 50 g butter 100 ml sherry vinegar salt Cut the sweetbread into 20 g pieces. Soak the sweetbread in the milk overnight. Rinse under cold running water. Dry most of the moisture off with a paper towel. Dust the…

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