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In combining winemaking showmanship with culinary artistry, gorgeous flavours with irresistible textures, Creation has gained an enviable reputation for our innovative and ever-evolving wine and food pairings. In fact, wine and food pairing has become one of the estate’s main attractions and we have won the KLINK Wine Tourism Award for Best Food and Wine Pairing at the Cellar Door twice.

Always at the leading edge of flavour profiling, Creation recently launched a new menu that takes wine and food pairing to even greater heights (and which has been nominated for the 2015 Klink Awards – vote for us here).


In the inaugural (2012) as well as the 2014 KLINK Awards, Creation was the winner of the Yin and Yang category for Best Food and Wine Pairing at the Cellar Door. Here are eight reasons why we deserve to win the Yin and Yang award again this year:

1.    The Tapas Pairing
2.    The Three Course Pairing
3.    Artisanal Pairings (including the Cheese Pairing and the Charcuterie Pairing)
4.    10AM Brunch Pairing
5.    The Gourmet Secret Pairing
6.    The Paradoxical Chocolate Pairing
7.    Non-alcoholic Tapas and Tea Pairing
8.    Surprise Pairing for Kids

The Tapas Pairing
Slightly more substantial in size than our original one-bite canapés, the tapas should satisfy most appetites as a complete lunch. At the same time the increased complexity of each dish allows us to demonstrate more depth, creating a truly unique and multi-faceted pairing experience.

The Three Course Pairing
This is where our chefs let their creativity run wild, incorporating fresh local ingredients and unexpected combinations. The pairing changes weekly and each course is served with a different wine.

Artisanal Pairings
Our team of flavour experts have collaborated to bring you two delectable new options: the Cheese Pairing and the Charcuterie Pairing.

10AM Brunch Pairing
Challenge your senses and treat your palate to the extraordinary: eight breakfast-themed tapas dishes perfectly paired with eight of our wines.

The Gourmet Secret Pairing
Four entrée-sized courses each containing a secret ingredient, paired with four wines. The menu? Shhh … it’s a secret!

The Paradoxical Chocolate Pairing
Many people think chocolate should simply not be paired with wine. At Creation we thought ‘challenge accepted’ …

Non-alcoholic Tapas and Tea Pairing
In the spirit of innovation and inclusivity Creation has partnered with luxury tea brand TWG Tea to develop a Tea and Tapas Pairing running parallel to our new Wine and Tapas Pairing.

Surprise Pairing for Kids
Now young adults can join in the pairing fun with their parents: a selection of juices and flavoured milk paired with healthy nibbles offers an exciting opportunity for experimentation.

For details on our new Pairing Menu, click here.

Creation is open 7 days a week and we gladly cater for all dietary requirements – whether you are a vegetarian, lactose or gluten intolerant or follow a Low Carb Hi Protein diet.

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