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21 Years of Grace at Creation

Feb 2, 2023 | 0 comments

At Creation there is always something to celebrate. – Carolyn Martin

At Creation there is always something to celebrate. In the midst of commemorating our 21st anniversary this year, we’re celebrating – with elation – the start of the 2023 harvest. The Pinot Noir for our Elation Cap Classique has just been harvested and this is of course a long-term investment that promises great returns in five years’ time. In the meantime, I’d like to recommend our 2017 Elation vintage which rewards with the finest pearls, softest mousse and lovely complexity – a great way to grace the month of love!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not have a beautifully wrapped personalised gift delivered door to door to your loved one? Simply choose your favourite Creation combination, and when you check out, leave your personalised note for us to include in your gift. Click here to shop online or be in touch with / +27 76 280 9307.


Happy 364th Birthday on the 2nd of February, South African Wine Industry!

I attended the ARENI Global Conference in Stellenbosch in July last year and had the pleasure of attending their ‘Rethinking the Future of Fine Wine’ think-tank at Sotheby’s in Paris and London two weeks ago. The question under discussion was: ‘Is Fine Wine a Collective Process?’. The conclusion? ‘The production of wine is a collective process as much as an individual one . . .’ From our discussion it became clear that nobody is genuinely independent; we are all impacted by the actions of those around us. At its best, a region is the sum of the actions taken by those within that region and those who regulate it. Over time, these individual actions add up to history, heritage and identity.

Here in South Africa one of our greatest assets has been innovation born of adversity. We have found ways to work around so many issues, and now, after hundreds of years, we are producing finer wines than ever before. By collaborating with our friends in fine wine across the world, we’re effecting change for the Future of Fine Wine.

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