Valentine’s Celebration @ Creation

Feb 11, 2021 | 0 comments

Beloved Valentine, you make me shine

              like brilliant wine – oh do me mine!


Yes, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and at Creation romance is in the air.

Love like wine gets better with time. So how about presenting your Valentine with a gift that will age beautifully? Our #LoveCreationWines Limited Edition comprises an attractive wooden casket filled with six of our finest wines: the Estate Chardonnay and Reserve Chardonnay, the Creation Estate Pinot Noir and Reserve Pinot Noir, the Creation Syrah, Grenache and the Creation Reserve Syrah. Add your love declaration to it and your Valentine will be in seventh heaven! Only 20 cases of this Limited Edition are available, so do order soon by following the link.

To make all resistance crumble, may we suggest you treat the object of your desire to a Creation Sensation Adventure of the Senses. It’s guaranteed to titillate the taste buds in ways probably never experienced before. Click here to make a reservation in our Tasting Room or order your Virtual Creation Sensation Tasting Kit by clicking here. Our Creation Personal Shoppers are standing by to advise you on bespoke orders and tastings and are also available to host personalised tastings at home.

Still in the spirit of romance, our Culinary Team looks forward to treating you this weekend to an irresistible Valentine’s friandise. Pure passion on a platter!

Also look out for our lovingly decorated #LoveCreationWines storefront at the Hermanus Country Market this Saturday morning. We’ll be celebrating with an irresistible offer on our enchantingly aromatic Rosé.

Creation in the news
Pebbles Garden Resurrected
Members of our team in conjunction with our friends from the Grootbos Foundation, Stonehaven Farm, Tolbos and the Peach Foundation have thoroughly enjoyed resurrecting the Pebbles Garden after the lockdown. The garden is sure to become a place of interest for the Pebbles Academy children, while also offering job opportunities and being a sustainable source of vegetables for the community, including our Creation kitchen. A hearty thank you to everyone who assisted.
New! Creation Gin and Tonic
A while back we proudly launched two exquisite gins: the Creation Chardonnay and the Creation Pinot Noir Gin. Yet, what is gin without imaginative mixology? This is where our friends from Barker and Quin come into the picture. At our request they recently developed a delicious Creation Tonic Water which, apart from perfectly complementing our gins without compromising the aromatics, is also lower in sugar and higher in natural acidity to be the ideal choice for the health-conscious gin lover. Click the image to order your Creation Gin and Tonic.
We never drink; we merely kiss and allow the wine to caress our soul. – Carolyn Martin quoting Michel de Montaigne

Situated some 18 km from the coastal resort of Hermanus, Creation is more than a wine farm; it is a glorious destination where a warm welcome awaits young and old. Click here to make a reservation.

Greetings from Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge.

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