Creation Wines is excited to announce that we will be hosting singer-songwriter Natalie Chapman’s 90 Days 90 Towns 90 Gigs performance on Saturday, 1 March at 17h00 in our beautifully appointed tasting room on the Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge. This talented musician is embarking on an epic journey from 30th January 2014 – 29 April 2014 in association with 2 incredible organisations: Kwanele! Enuf-is-Enuf and the Epic Foundation.

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About Natalie and the 90 Days 90 Towns 90 Gigs Project.

Natalie is a successful singer, songwriter, actress, radio DJ, lecturer, music promoter, booking agent, PR person and staunch supporter of South African Talent which she pursues through her company The Local Element.

In defiance of the dangers that a single woman faces on the open road she will travel alone for 90 days to 90 towns to perform 90 gigs nationwide.

“As a South African woman I am constantly reminded of the dangers that I face in a violent society, where mutual respect seems to have disappeared amongst our fellow citizens. I believe it is every person’s right to feel safe and protected in and out of their homes. I am passionate about finding a solution to the devastating situation we find ourselves in and wonder and worry about the future of our children. As a musician I can contribute my voice to the pursuit of a South Africa where women, men and children can pursue their dreams without the threat of violence. Where perpetrators are brought to justice and victims are treated with kindness and support. I have committed my time and skills to the 90 Days, 90 Towns, 90 Gigs tour where I will spread my message through music! I hope in some way to make a difference in all of our lives,” says Natalie.

Here is a link to her recent interview on Morning Live where Natalie talks about the project:
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Says Carolyn Martin, co-owner and marketing director of Creation wines:

“We are proud to be involved in this worthwhile campaign, and will be using social media to extend the positive reach of this fantastic initiative. The Creation team have all pledged to donate both their time and money in support of Natalie, and riding the #Neknomination craze, are challenging all their friends to do the same. Creation has also sent out a challenge to local businesses to donate a percentage of their turnover on March 1st 2014 and to individuals to make a donation.” Click here to view our neknomination.

To make your pledge, or book for the event, contact Salome on 072 5932917 or e-mail her on salome@creationwines.com.

About Natalie’s partners

Kwanele! Enuf-is-Enuf

Businesswoman and rape activist Andy Kawa invests time, energy and passion into her not-for-profit organisation, Kwanele! Enuf-is-Enuf, a campaign against sexual abuse and violence.

Although she herself was gang-raped on a Port Elizabeth beach two years ago, Kawa dislikes being labelled a “victim” or “survivor”. A founding member and chair of Chuma Holdings, she opted to speak out about her ordeal to emphasise that rape knows no colour or social status.

The EPIC Foundation
The Gauteng-based EPIC Foundation was founded by Alta McMaster at the beginning of 2013. Having experienced various traumas in her own life, Alta has a deep understanding of how lonely and helpless one can feel if no-one reaches out a helping hand. Having experienced these situations in life encouraged her to provide that helping hand to others in the form of assisting with the empowerment of survivors of trauma.

The donations and pledges from the Hermanus community will go towards a local initiative called ProjekHoop which has been established to provide support and collect funds for victims of woman and child abuse in the Overstrand. The initiative is currently funding the development of a trauma unit at our Provincial Hospital and with the aim of providing a The Festival of Hope has the potential to become an annual event and to be rolled out to other locations / towns.

Furthermore, ProjekHoop can potentially give hope to people who feel that they are burdened by their circumstances to an extent that they do not see a way out – on a practical and a spiritual level.

To learn more, visit their blog at click here

Creation is proud to participate in The AfrAsia Bank Cape Wine Auction 2014. It is for a great cause and funds will be distributed to charities within the wine industry. Please read more about our lot at The Cape Wine Auction and help us raise funds to make a worthwhile contribution. Should you like to bid, online bidding is now live on the site The Cape Wine Auction.

If you are keen to join our table at this special event on 15 March, please get in touch with Dieter at Creation - dieter@creationwines.com or 082 659 2318.



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